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10 Tips to Reduce Appetite

10 tips to reduce appetite

Hello, my dear readers. I am pleased to welcome you. Now we will talk a little about such a frequently asked question as: What do I need to lose weight fast?

If you are concerned about the question “What do I need to lose weight fast?” and if you really want to act, then you need to keep to 2 rules. These are: exercise and reduce appetite.

The first rule: Physical activity is essential for losing weight

tips to reduce appetite: young couple running

To lose weight fast you should do the following workouts:

  • Cardio;
  • Strength;
  • Interval.

Cardio exercise to lose weight fast

It is aerobic (“with oxygen”) loads, lasting more than 90 seconds during which there is an increase in heart rate. The intensity of cardio workouts is determined by taking your pulse. The first step is to calculate your maximal possible heart rate. This number is usually calculated as follows: 220 minus your age. Cardio training is specifically aimed at fat burning. If you are new to this kind of training it is better to start with a mode 50% of your maximum heart rate. In order to burn fat, the intensity of 60-70% of maximum heart rate is suitable.

tips to reduce appetite: young couple cycling

Strength training to lose weight quickly

These exercises are aimed at building muscle mass, to get a super-ripped body. They make our tummy flat, butt – toned. The muscles should stay toned and active, strength training is essential for this. After all, as you know, fat and muscles consume calories, but 1 lb. of trained muscles “eat” about 36 kcal., while fat eats only about 2 kcal. And 1 pound of fat takes twice as much place in our body as muscles do.

tips to reduce appetite: three young women doing strength training

Intensive training to lose weight quickly

This is the fastest way to lose weight. So, what is intensive training? As professionals call it, HIIT is “High-Intensity Interval Training”. High intensity refers to strength training. The essence of the training with high intensity is to increase the load by reducing the time between sets and exercises. The usual training intensity is reduced due to muscles fatigue, plus the stimulation of muscle growth is reduced.

tips to reduce appetite intensive training

General principles of high-intensity training are:

  • Short exercises;
  • The number of repetitions is not large, and the intensity is as high as possible.

These workouts also have a post-training effect and burn calories in the body at high speed for further 24-33 hours. Personally, I’m for practicing all kinds of these workouts and I use them in my workout routine. Dear friends, move forward, practice, and you will reach the goal. Never ever give up! Do you understand? Never. When you reach the desired shape it will be enough for you to train just for 20 minutes a day 3 times a week! I hope you will enjoy exercising and get great results. There are many types of this kind of training, and you can do it without leaving your home. My training can be found on the channel.

The second rule: Reduce appetite

The second rule is to reduce appetite. Sometimes we distinctly realize that our unbridled appetite does not allow us to lose weight, and when we need to lose weight fast we just have to take control of this factor. In this article, we are going to learn 10 tips to reduce appetite in order to lose weight as fast as possible and get in shape. However, you must understand that this is only one method, and just by reducing our appetite we won’t get a slender toned body. Other effective methods of weight loss are on our website.

  1. To reduce appetite, it is recommended to eat small portions 5-6 times a day. Then appetite becomes moderate and the person does not overeat.
  2. Include in your diet slimming products which also reduce appetite and burn fat.
  3. To get rid of hunger, you can drink a glass of skim milk, mineral water or pure water.
  4. Herbal medicine can help to reduce appetite. Drink green tea, ginger tea, or decoctions of medicinal herbs. Ginger tea reduces appetite Method: you’ll need 1 tsp. minced ginger root and a pint of boiling water, decoct until cool, then add 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink before eating. Ginger not only reduces appetite but also speeds up metabolism.ginger tea
  5. Rinse your mouth with mint water several times a day – it will reduce your appetite for a while.
  6. Brush your teeth with mint toothpaste before eating – a minty taste dulls the sensitivity of taste buds and food. You will eat much less.
  7. A cup of tasty coffee also helps to forget about food for a while.
  8. Sweets before meals reduce appetite. Eat 2-3 bars of chocolate a couple of minutes before eating and appetite will go away.
  9. Do some physical exercise within 10 minutes – it is a proven way to reduce appetite.
  10. Massage helps to reduce appetite. There are 3 ways of acupressure to normalize excessive appetite:
    • The 1st This massage will reduce appetite: lightly and quickly stroke and rub your eyeballs. There are active points behind them, which regulate your stomach and intestines. This massage should be done in the morning without getting out of bed and before each meal.
    • The 2nd When you are too hungry if it is too early to eat you need to massage a point on the shoulder in light circular motions for 30 seconds. This point is located on the outer side of the arm halfway between the shoulder joint and the elbow. Do the massage on both hands.
    • The 3rd way to reduce appetite: massage the point located between your nose and upper lip.

tips to reduce appetite: eye massage

I hope you liked this article! You can also find a lot of interesting and useful tips and articles on our website, such as “What to eat to lose weight”, “How to lose weight fast?”, “12 diet tips & the fastest way to lose weight”.

Good luck and all the best to you! I wish that you achieve your goals as soon as possible. Write your comments, I’m waiting for them. What else would you like to learn, to read, or watch on our channel?

I always look forward to your comments. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Elena Power, with love.

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