The Art of Stretching: Lower Your Risk of Pain and Injury with These 15 Stretching Exercises!

Stretching is of vital importance for everyone, especially for those who are either a couch potato or prefer to spend their time in workout sessions. Even people who have a hectic work schedule need to practice stretching exercises for staying at pace from various issues that can come associated with long sitting hours. It is beneficial for the movement of muscles as well as joints. Plus, it also minimizes the risk of sustaining injury or pain when do think of hitting the gym for some heavy exercises.

While there is no denying the fact that stretching has its own share of benefits, it can be a little tricky to deal with at times. For instance, you may not readily know about the involvement of the parts of the body during stretching. According to experts, the highlight of a useful stretching exercise is that it makes a recipient feel the stretches in the muscle of the belly. Painful joints after a stretching session is an indicator of the fact that you are pushing yourself a bit too far. GO TO HALO HEALTH for the right consultation.

Here is a list of some helpful exercises that will help you in lowering the risk of injury and pain.

1.Camel Pose

This pose is for people with flexible muscles. It highlights the abdomen. Sit with your heels beneath your body and put your hands behind.

2. Wide Forward Fold

This exercise is helpful for stretching the adductors and the hamstring. First, you need to bend your knees, keeping your spine straight. Next, stretch your legs around your back and try to take it to your feet.

3. Frog Pose

Frog pose focuses on adductors. Make your knees wider until you start feeling a stretch in your knee muscles. Allow the right foot to remain on the ground.

4. Wide Side Lunge Pose

Keep your legs straight and take your hand slowly to the right foot. At the same time, also bend your knee. Move your left toe pointing towards the ceiling with a gentle circular motion.

5. Butterfly Stretch

Sit back and try to bring the soles of your feet together in a way that they meet with one another. Use your hands to apply some pressure on your knees. The challenge is to get your feet closer to the body.

6. Forearm Extensor Stretch

Stretch your forearm muscle as far as possible by bending down and taking it back. Next, rotate your shoulder to stretch the forearm muscle.

7. Lateral Side Flexion

Keep your neck in a straight position and then drop your ear to your shoulder in a gentle manner. Avoid collapsing the cervical spine. This stretching exercise emphasizes on Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

8. Neck Rotation Stretch

As is the case with lateral side flexion, this stretching exercise also targets the same muscle. All you need to do in this exercise is to keep your chin a little elevated while rotating your neck steadily.

9. Neck Extension Stretch

In this form of stretching activity, one needs to tilt one’s head back with one’s hand on the hips. Avoid collapsing the cervical spine to prevent the possibility of sustaining an injury.

10. Lateral Side Flexion With The Help Of Hand

Keep the neck long and take your ear in the downward direction up to your shoulder. As is the case with neck extension stretch, make sure that you do not collapse the cervical spine.

11. Hip Flexor Stretch

Touted as one of the best stretching exercises for the body, hip flexor stretch highlights the quadriceps. You can begin this exercise in a semi-kneeling pose by extending your right hip in the forward direction. Next, you need to hold your back foot and press your back glute in the form of squeezing.

12. Forearm Extensor Stretch

As the name suggests, forearm extensor stretch stretches the forearm extensor muscle. You need to move your shoulder back and down while rotating the shoulder externally generate a stretching impression on the forearm muscle. Begin the stretch by applying pressure to the hand on the opposite side.

13. Lateral Shoulder Stretch

Place your arm across the body and add slight pressure to your arm so you get the feel of stretching your shoulder.

14. Neck Flexion Stretch

Keep your spine long and try to stand alongside your feet. Adjust the position of your hips slowly and try to round the upper back. Adjust the position of your chin into your chest while stretching your feet towards the forward direction.

15. Child’s Pose

This pose resembles the pose of a child. Try to bring back your hips slowly in such a way that your forehead comes in contact with the floor. Now move your shoulder in circular motion. This will allow you to stretch your chest muscle.