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5 Things to Keep in Mind when Working Out in the Summer Heat

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Working Out in the Summer Heat. a running woman

Working out sounds delightful and refreshing in spring or autumn. But during hot summer days, exercising is more of a burden. You have to fight temperatures of 80 degrees F or more and your own sweaty body. So, as days become hotter, your exercise routine should also adjust to help your body get through those difficult hours. Working out in the summer heat can become dangerous if you don’t pay attention to your body’s needs.

During summer, you can expand your sports activities by running cycling and swimming. Meanwhile, you might face dehydration issues, as the body loses water, electrolytes, and salt because of intense sweating. This might lead to nausea, confusion, muscle cramps, seizures and even kidney failure. You need to drink more water and adjust your entire training to outdoor temperatures.

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Working Out in the Summer Heat. Young girl working out in the park

Wear Fewer Clothes

Exercising naked is neither hygienic nor ethical. Even so, you should choose smaller, lightweight, and breathable clothing. Most athletic items use cooling technologies to absorb sweat and keep moisture away from your skin. Clothes in light colors reflect heat. Cotton lets sweat evaporate. Think about items such as tank tops or running shorts to keep your body at an optimal temperature.

Before dressing, take a cold shower. According to a study, cold showers are tied to fewer sick days during a year. Take a cold shower to balance your body before the workout. Pop your wet hair in a bun to prolong the refreshing feeling.

Time Your Workout in the Summer Heat

The best and safest time to train outdoors during summer is early morning, before or immediately after sunrise. Except for the Southern states, evening temperatures are also suitable for working out in the summer heat. Do keep in mind that sunburns are often associated to blisters, fatigue, and skin rashes. Read more on the many causes of lip blisters and how to quickly treat them so that you can look your best this summer.

Avoid working out between 10 AM and 3 PM and make sure you get home before the hottest hours of the day. Apply sunscreen to your body, face, lips, and ears whenever you plan to work out to avoid any sun skin damage.

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Working Out in the Summer Heat. running couple

Adjust the Workout Plan

High-intensity exercises aren’t compatible with hot temperatures. If you plan a long and tough workout in the summer heat, decrease its duration and take longer breaks. Walk or sit in the shade to keep your heart rate and body temperatures within healthy limits.

Develop a workout plan for the summer heat. Pick exercises that can help you achieve maximum burn in less time – such as fire hydrants which only require ten minutes. Plan intense sessions for the days when you can work out indoors. There are also one-minute exercises which can save you from over- dehydration: 15 squat jumps, mountain climbers, ten burpees or plans.

Keep Your Electrolytes Close

Hydration throughout the day – not just before working out in the summer heat – is crucial. Even though you should drink water before the training, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. You should consume 25 ounces of water two hours before the exercise and 5 ounces during each half-an-hour break.

Sweat depletes your body of calcium, potassium, and sodium – essential electrolytes for proper body functioning. Eat foods rich in sodium before exercising or drink electrolyte-rich drinks.

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