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How to Do Air Squats – Benefits, Variations, Workout Routines

60 squats/every second day
10 min

Muscles Involved: LegBack

Benefits of Air Squats

It is high time to make usual squats more challenging. And here is a good exercise for you – air squats! They are 10 times harder to perform which means that they are more beneficial.

This exercise engages many muscles. Air squats strengthen the lower body, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and inner thighs in a more intense way. It also strengthens the core, especially the lower abs, and increases the heart rate.

This exercise helps to gain muscles and burn extra calories as well. Air squats improve the balance, mobility, and flexibility. It also enhances the exercise performance so you will be able to run faster and jump higher.

You can perform air squats everywhere, as you do not need any fancy equipment. Perform this exercise regularly and you will be strong, beautiful and healthy with rounded and tight glutes, and toned and graceful thighs.

How to Do Air Squats

  • The initial position: standing straight, toes spread; feet are shoulder-width, arms along the body;
  • Stand a bit backwards and down with your butt, as if you are going to sit on a small chair, until you create a right angle between your thigh and calf;
  • As you lower down, raise your arms in front of you parallel to the ground. Make sure to keep your torso upright;
  • Go back into the initial position.

How many air squats should I do per day?

Do as many air squats as needed to get you tired or simply follow your workout routine or workout plan. In general, the first visible result is achieved after two-three weeks of doing not less than 60 air squats every second day.


  • Warm up! The squats engage big muscles and large joints that should be ready for the load;
  • Keep your weight on your heels;
  • Your glutes, back, and core muscles should be engaged during the exercise;
  • Keep your back straight with your shoulders pulled back;
  • Use the dumbbells or the bottles of water for the higher intensity.

Squats Variations

Air Squats Workout Routines

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