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Atkins Diet – the Most: Effective, Popular, Dangerous

Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is also well-known as Hollywood diet. Thanks to Atkins Diet many celebrities have perfect bodies and organisms. But there is an opinion that the secret of Atkins Diet lies in the system of eating that can’t be considered 100% harmless for our organisms. And today the question that bothers many people is: how to lose weight without damaging the health?

Atkins Diet Peculiarities

According to Robert Atkins diet, to lose excess weight one must cut down the consumption of carbohydrates. Because it is carbohydrates that are being turned into fats when not spent for energy. Atkins diet can surely be called the complete opposite to carbohydrate diet. Atkins Diet consists of four phases, each of them should be strictly followed.

Atkins Diet – the First Phase

It lasts 14 days and designed to alter the chemical processes in the human body. During this phase, the number of consumed carbohydrates is reduced to 20 grams a day, which is extremely low. Because of this carbohydrates deficiency the normal metabolism changes with ketose. The number of glucose in the blood is not enough to produce insulin. The metabolism mechanism changes and to produce energy the organism starts using fats, piled up earlier.

During the first phase, one must eat small portions 4-5 times a day (less than 6 hours between the meals). It is not necessary to count calories, but there is no need to overeat on purpose. The main thing for Atkins Diet is that a number of carbohydrates should be no more than 20 g a day. You won’t feel hungry because foods rich in protein are digested far more slowly than those rich in carbohydrates. One must refuse eating bread and other flour-based products, as well as vegetables full of starch. Avoid caffeine as well. Instead, one must eat nuts and sunflower seeds and drink not less than 3,5 pints of plain water a day.

Atkins diet foods

Atkins Diet – the Second Phase

You start increasing the level of consumed carbohydrates 5 g a week until you continue to lose weight. If you notice that your weight has stopped to reduce – it means that ketose process has also stopped. And if you continue to increase the number of consumed carbohydrates you will either stabilize your weight or put on more.

There is a way of establishing the critical value of the allowed number of carbohydrates a day. And you mustn’t increase it unless you want to return your lost pounds. This number of consumed carbohydrates varies accordingly. It is purely individual. Some may eat up to 100 g of carbohydrates while others start gaining weight when they eat over 30 g. That is why it is important to increase the amount carefully observing your weight changes until you reach your perfect amount.

This phase lasts as long as you need to establish the desired weight.

Atkins Diet – the Third Phase

You increase the number of carbohydrates 10 g each week. The slower you do that, the higher level of carbos you will reach. And this will be the number of carbos you can eat later to maintain your weight. Atkins Diet rules suggest that you should add only one product at a time. And it mustn’t be “quick carbos”. If you have somehow managed to gain some weight – return to phase two.

Atkins Diet – the Final Stage

It is designed to keep your results the same for a long period of time. It would be a waste of time and effort if your weight would have come back. Here you are allowed to increase carbos, but don’t forget to observe your weight – as soon as you start to gain it – reduce the carbo products. Only healthy carbos should remain at this phase. No sweets, roast potatoes, or chips.

Atkins Diet Food Lists

Phase 1 Food ListPhase 1 Food ListPhase 1 Food List

Phase 2 Food List

In addition to the food in phase 1, now you can have higher carbo foods such as some fruit, nuts, and seeds.
Phase 2 Food List

Phase 3 Food List

Add more variety of food.Phase 3 Food List

Phase 4 Food List

Besides all allowed foods from previous phases, you can reintroduce more foods in the coming time.

Atkins Diet Pros and Cons

Among the pros are the following:

  • You lose weight gradually, learning how to control it
  • You won’t feel hunger
  • You don’t have to refuse eating cheese, meat, curd, milk
  • It is unlikely that after Atkins Diet one will break down and gain the lost kilos again because they will know all the processes in the body and be able to influence them by controlling what one is eating.
  • Your muscles won’t become flabby, and your skin won’t be stretched. All due to the high amount of proteins.
  • You will learn how to choose healthy products instead of fatty ones
  • You will prevent many illnesses, like heart diseases and diabetes

Among the cons are the following:

  • Since carbos are supposed to keep the water in the body – fluids loss can take place.
  • Before sticking to Atkins diet one must be tested for liver and kidney functioning. If there are some abnormalities the diet is prohibited since it can trigger organs failure.
  • The low-carb diet can lower brain activity.
  • Constipations, dizziness, irritation, vomiting.
  • Calcium deficiency and, as a consequence, osteoporosis. That is why one must make up for missing healthy substances by taking dietary supplements and vitamins.
  • Track your cholesterol level – it can rise and damage blood vessels.

Atkins Diet Plan

  • First phase breakfast: 3 egg omelet, salmon, tea or coffee, no sugar.
  • First phase morning snack: low-fat yoghurt with oats cereals (less than 70 g).
  • First phase lunch: boiled veal or beef, or chicken breasts baked in the oven.
  • First phase afternoon snack: fish or seafood dish.
  • First phase dinner: steamed salmon, 0% fat yoghurt.

Atkins Diet Plan

Atkins Diet Plan for the second and third phases is made up in the same way, with an addition of 5 g more carbo foods a week for the second phase and 10 g more carbo foods a week for the third phase, according to the Atkins Diet rules.

Thus, despite the nice result and changes in weight one should always remember that, as every coin has its flip side, the Atkins Diet has its pros and cons, and even contraindications. Before sticking to the diet consult your doctor in order to avoid triggering unwanted diseases and conditions that may lay low. And, of course, always keep in mind that the reaction of your own body to the diet is unpredictable. It is individual for every human being.

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