Benefits Of Crunches

Crunches are the basic exercise for the abdominal muscles, rectus abdominis muscle in particular. Abdominal muscles are involved virtually in all movements because they fulfill the bending of the spine and are responsible for its retention in a stable position. Therefore, a strong abs – it is a necessity, not a luxury.

While crunching you do two things at once! Firstly, you get a sexy and slim tummy, which always looks beautiful; secondly, you get strong abdominal muscles, which will support your body during other exercises. Crunches are great exercises for fat burning. Moreover, crunches engage all upper abs muscles and obliques – so, you can be sure that your belly will look just perfect after regular exercisng.

How To Do Crunches

  • The initial position: lie down on the floor with face up and knees bent;
  • Begin with curling your shoulders towards the pelvis;
  • The hands can be crossed over the chest, or beside/behind the neck;
  • Go back into initial position.

How Many Crunches Should I Do Per Day?

Usually, the first visible result will be achieved after two-three weeks of doing at least 20 crunches every day. You can use bench or dumbbells if you want to stimulate faster growth of abdominal muscles.


  • An important point is the number of reps you do. The number of crunches depends on your goals. You should do the exercise until you feel tired and don’t use extra weights if you want to burn fat;
  • Use dumbbells and increase the number of reps if you want to build the abs muscles. It’s necessary to alternate the first and second approaches from one workout to another if you want to get the relief abs;
  • Don’t straighten too much during crunches – it will promote the abdominal muscles stretching, and thereby, reduce the effectiveness of the exercises.