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The Only and Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

The best way to lose weight fast

What’s the best way to lose weight fast? 9 of 10 people ask this question. Yes, excess weight is always a problem. That entails not only a sense of despair, stress, depression, and dissatisfaction with yourself, but it also is a great test for a person and a great risk for their health. How to get rid of the excess fat and stay fit, confident, and happy?

I don’t mean to discourage you, but losing weight fast is not an easy task because losing the excess weight is not a spontaneous action with a rapid result. It’s a whole new system you’ll have to get accustomed to. Rapid weight loss may be destructive for your body and lead to problems and the subsequent gaining of the lost pounds in no time. However, the task is doable if you know how to lose weight fast in a right way.

This article is dedicated to those who need to lose weight and get enough energy and strength to make their most cherished wishes come true. I have good news for you: I reasonably think (and my students’ practice shows) that losing weight is not a task as complicated as it seems at a glance. We will study this matter in full, and I promise you that after reading you will know exactly how to lose weight, and what actions have to be taken to lose the hated pounds that prevent thousands of people from being happy, beautiful, and sexy.

best way to lose weight fast: a beautiful healthy person

First of all, I would like to tell you why we put on weight. So, let’s start.

Excess weight: the reasons

The lifestyle of a modern person contributes to weight gain – no wonder so many people suffer from obesity these days: we tend to move less, eat junk food, and take care of our health only when something starts to bother us. Women tend to gain weight adopting eating habits of their men whose nutrition needs are quite different. Men tend to gain weight due to the reduction of natural for men physical activity their body is predisposed to. We work in offices, eat out in fast-food restaurants, and use elevators. But the feeling of hunger and our choice of food make us eat more than we consume in calories to maintain all the necessary functions of the organism. The main thing we have to change is the way we use our body and the way we fuel it.

The essential problem for the person who wants to stay in good shape is the loss of muscle mass. For example, it’s a natural trait of a female body – since the age of 14 a girl loses 8 oz. of muscle mass and gets 1.5 lb. of the fat year by year. This is related to the lack of physical activity. Of course, high-calorie food, pregnancy, wrong diet, stress, hormones, and other things have their influence on a woman’s health. When she gets older, even if she eats as much as she did when she was a slender beauty, she will definitely put on weight.

The reasons of excess weight: sitting for hours in the office and junk food

So, why is muscle mass so important? The muscles burn fat and consume a lot of calories even when you are resting. The more muscles you have the better your metabolism is. Let’s count: 1 pound of fat for normal activity requires only 2 calories, and 1 lb. of muscles consumes 76 calories to “live”, i.e. 17 times more!!! This is a huge difference. And the volume of adipose tissue is 20% more than the volume of muscle tissue of the same weight.

Conclusion: we need to strive to build muscle mass. Some of you will say: “No, I don’t want to look like those bodybuilders whom I’ve seen on TV, I don’t need muscle mass, I want to be slim and feminine”.

Of course, you’re right, absolutely right – I also don’t want to look like those bodybuilders, and I’m not a fitness model, and I don’t intend to participate in fitness competitions, I just want to have a slim, beautiful, well-groomed, happy body and spend  a minimal amount of time on a workout. So, dear readers don’t fear that the decision to lose weight as quickly as possible will result in building too much muscle mass, it’s practically impossible. In order to pump up like bodybuilders you need to take special medications or to have rare genetic characteristics, but this is hardly a case: only one person in a million inherits such characteristics. And our ways to lose weight won’t turn you into a bodybuilder. They will turn you into a slim, elegant, feminine, smart young beauty.

In order to understand if our ways are good for you, please, get measured! Your weight won’t be the indicator. Weight loss can be insignificant, but your shape can radically change because of the mentioned above muscle reshaping.

How to take body measurements correctly?

The best way to lose weight fast: taking body measurements

A necessary minimum:

  • Measure your waist at its thinnest point; if you have a small belly – at the thickest point.
  • Your buttocks should be relaxed, measure the most salient points.
  • Relax your hip and measure its widest part.

I guess that some of you will become a little upset after taking the measurements. Well, don’t be! Accept it as a fact, and together we will cope with your insecurities at the drop of a hat. So, smile – these several extra inches are nothing, we’ll get rid of them easily and you can’t even imagine how little time it’ll take. Let’s start!

The best way to lose weight fast: point №1 – drink water!

Your first and the most important ally in the weight loss process is water.

You’ll have to make a small correction in your daily routine. This minor change won’t require much effort; however, it will produce amazing results. Add some water!

The human body contains more than 65% of water:

  • Brain – 80%,
  • Bones – 50%
  • Muscles – 72%

Water is the main muscle builder.

Water takes the 2nd place after oxygen in maintaining human vital activities. We can only survive a few days without water. However, most people have never wondered how we are living under the conditions of limited water consumption and how they affect our body? How much water does it need, and do I currently drink enough water? Does my body have enough of this vital element?

The best way to lose weight fast: drink water

The lack of water leads to fatigue, drowsiness, sadness; nutrients cannot appropriately saturate the cells of your body. The lack of water is often the cause of early wrinkles and pimples. Water for us is like petrol for cars, electricity for a microwave, firewood for a bonfire.

And – attention! – water is the most effective weapon in the fight against excess weight.

Water is important for fat processing. Only water-saturated cells can dissolve fats. I.e., if you drink a lot of water your fats will be dissolved and removed at a breakneck speed, and you will lose weight faster.

Water helps to curb hunger. Sometimes our body sends us signals about the lack of water, but we misinterpret them for hunger instead. Our body cannot tell us: “Give me a drink!” It says: “Give me something,” and we overeat, despite it’s detrimental to our figure.

Water helps our body to get rid of the cleavage products of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; removes “trash” from the body. Imagine you clean your house or apartment at least once a day and don’t take out the trash: what will you see after some time? The same happens to your body – you are losing weight every day and therefore you need to get rid of cleavage products and toxins. That’s why it’s very important to drink water to lose weight fast.

Also, water speeds up your metabolism, and it plays a great role when you are on a diet. If you drink enough water, very soon you’ll see the effect of its consumption. Without speeding up your metabolism your weight loss won’t be fast.

How much water should you drink to lose weight fast?

Best way to lose weight fast: how much water should you drink

Nutritionists and scientists unanimously repeat: you need to drink one pint of water for 30 lb. of body weight, respectively. If you weigh about 160 pounds you need to drink 5 pints and so on.

But what do you do if you have a lot of excess weight? For example, your weight is 220 pounds. Do you need to drink 7 pints? The recent studies in this area have become more precise: they assert that the amount of water you drink should match the number of calories you eat. If your diet consists of 1200 kcal the amount of water should be no less than 3 pints a day. Thus, if your diet comprises 2000 kcal the daily amount of liquid is 5 pints.

How to drink water to lose weight?

  • Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. This will help to prevent constipation, speed up your metabolism, and help your body to cope with a morning cup of coffee.
  • If you want to have a snack, try drinking a glass of water. It will help you to get rid of the habit.
  • Drink a glass of water twenty minutes before meals – it’s an excellent way to reduce your appetite. This method is safe and very effective.
  • It’s necessary to drink water during physical exercise. As your temperature rises and metabolism increases, water helps to remove toxins.
  • It’s recommended to drink water until six p.m., and then drink it as your body requires – to spend less time in the bathroom at night and to avoid swelling.

How to turn drinking the daily amount of water into a habit?

The best way to lose weight: a habit of drinking water

Try the following schedule:

  • A glass of warm water on an empty stomach after you wake up
  • A couple of glasses whenever you feel like eating something – that already makes 2 pints
  • A pint during your physical exercise (at least) – drink it during an hour of the workouts in small sips until there is no water left
  • Another pint or even more you can drink sitting at the computer, instead of tea

Be sure to plan how you are going to drink water throughout the day. If you don’t do this you’ll just forget about it altogether and remember only in the evening, catching up those lost glasses. And that only lead to swelling and drowsiness – you may give up, thinking that you have kidney distress or something.

During the first 2 weeks, you’ll often run to the bathroom, of course. Later the body will get used to such an amount of water and adjust. Your weight will start to reduce, and your skin, hair, and nails will look sumptuously.

The best way to lose weight fast: point №2 – fish oil

The best way to lose weight: fish oil

Your second ally is fish oil. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that have a huge impact on the body fat reduction. When I found that out I was impressed. Do fatty acids remove fat? Yes! No, I’m not kidding. Fish oil works because it increases the amount of fat burning enzymes in your body.

A lot of experiments were carried out on this subject. Here is one of the recent experiments:

Group №1 (men and women aged 28-30 years) took fish oil every day for 6 weeks. Group №2 took nothing. 6 weeks later all members of the second group put on weight. The group that consumed fish oil lost 1 lb. of body fat and gained 1 lb. of lean body mass

Take omega-3 fatty acids every day, and it will lead to an intense decrease in fat mass!

The best way to lose weight fast: point №3 – vitamins and minerals

There is no need to explain here why we need vitamins and minerals, you already know that we need proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals for our body to work properly. But let’s mention some facts related to the weight loss and some other things.

Lack of vitamins and minerals entails a number of problems:

  • acne,
  • wrinkles, and sagging skin,
  • metabolic disease,
  • increased blood sugar,
  • overweight,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • sleeping disorders,
  • fatigue,
  • poor eyesight, etc.

Of course, we get vitamins and minerals from food, but it doesn’t contain all the vitamins and minerals our body needs.

The function of vitamins and minerals is to regulate vital processes, heal wounds, create new healthy cells, rapidly repair and build muscle fibers, strengthen the immune system, produce energy.

It’s impossible to eat a plenty of vitamins and minerals for the future, our body doesn’t store them, so they must be ingested with food every day.

The best way to lose weight fast: vitamins and minerals

The basic set of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • The Vitamin B complex:
    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin B2
    • Vitamin B3
    • Vitamin B5
    • Vitamin B6
  • Niacin or nicotinic acid, pantothenic and folic acids
  • Choline
  • Minerals:
    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • Zinc and magnesium
    • Selenium
    • Calcium
    • Iron
    • Iodine
    • Manganese
    • Copper
    • Chromium
    • Molybdenum, nickel, silicon, vanadium, boron

You need to take fish oil, vitamins, and minerals in the morning after breakfast, but before 12 p.m., so that they are absorbed better and give you energy for the whole day.

Point №4 – anti-cellulite creams and homemade body wraps

Anti-cellulite creams and body wraps are very good for removing extra inches. Of course, these methods don’t give such a great effect as abdominal exercises do. However, fat-burning body wraps are quite effective. Some of the most popular wraps are coffee, chocolate, citrus oils, and seaweed wraps. Of course, you’re welcome to buy some anti-cellulite cream if you prefer. But you can still do without it: prepare an excellent homemade tonic of coffee, olive oil, and water.

The best way to lose weight fast: body wraps

The simple recipe:

You need:

  • Natural ground coffee – 2 tbsp.
  • Olive oil – 1-2 tbsp.
  • Water – 1 tbsp.
  • 1 tbsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of salt (optional)

Mix coffee with water to a paste, then add the oil and stir thoroughly. The mixture is applied to the abdomen; wrap yourself and lie under 1-2 warm blankets for an hour. During this time lipolysis is activated and excess fluid and some fat are removed. The course should be no less than 10-15 procedures. Prepare these body wraps once every 3 days, and very soon you’ll see the result: your skin will become much softer and tauter, and excess fat will melt away.

Point №6 – workouts are the best way to lose weight fast

Dear friends, no diets, no proper nutrition, body wraps, creams, fasting days, etc. can do a better job in the process of fast weight loss than the workouts. Regular exercises are a 100% guarantee of super-fast weight loss. And we confidently state: it’s the best way to lose weight fast.

You can choose any kind of physical activity: swimming, riding a bike or rollerblading. But it’s better to follow a well-constructed workout plan aimed at quick weight loss. Ideally, it should be the weight training and cardio.

If you want to lose weight quickly regular workouts are your best choice.

We know that you’re probably a very busy person. Whether you are nursing your baby, studying, trying to be a good housewife, making a career, or bringing up your children you probably have very little free time. So, you need something that produces results after minimal time. We suggest that you do exercises with “Happy Body” channel. Our workouts have been developed specifically for the quick weight loss at home. Hundreds of people have already lost weight practicing these routines. The workouts don’t require much of your time! Even 15-20 minutes 3 times a week will give excellent results. You’ll be able to see the difference after the first day! Here are some of the routines you can find on our channel: subscribe, like us, and share with your friends.

The best way to lose weight fast: workouts

With our channel you can do exercises at any convenient time – the best way to lose weight is working out 3 times a week. If you need to pump up everything:  butt, abs, and legs – then you should choose 3-4 workouts: one for general weight loss, one for abs, one for butt, and one more for legs. Do them in a row with the coach, rewind, and make another 1-2 set. After 2 weeks you’ll have to supplement these exercises, replace them with other workouts, and increase the load. Do as recommended, and after a month of such training, you will be satisfied with the result.

Dear readers, we know how difficult it is to develop a habit of doing sports, to get into this rhythm and leave your comfort zone. But it has to be done because it’s the best way to lose weight fast indeed. Of course, there will be obstacles, and sometimes you’ll skip workouts because of all sorts of reasons. We just want to ask you not to get frustrated and never give up. You must know that it’s normal. I don’t know a single person who’s never skipped training. Even fitness models slip up from time to time.

And you need to move forward. The most important thing is regularity. So, please, never give up. If you give up it will be the end. You’ll have to start all over again or go back to your previous shape and previous life. Once again – don’t give up completely, it’s alright if you skip exercises a couple of times, just play the workout video when it’s most convenient for you and get in shape. Regularity is the key to success.

The best way to lose weight fast: regular training

The best way to lose weight fast: point №7 nutrition

No diets for weight loss and that’s it!

We don’t approve of diets. Do you want to lose weight in one month, 2 months, or 1-2 weeks? In any of these cases I assure you – there is no need for diets (I mean those popular celebrity diets that may actually harm you instead of doing you good). Yes, really, no strict diets. Proper nutrition – yes, fasting days – yes, but there is no need for strict diets. After being in a state of prolonged drastic reduction of calories, our body catches up that burned weight, trying to gain lost fat as quickly as possible. Therefore, you cannot impose harsh restrictions on your body promptly, stressing it in that way. Your body will rebel: adipose tissue controls the body’s metabolism through the production of the hormone leptin. Its level correlates with fat percentage – the more fat you have, the higher levels of leptin you have.

Leptin is a signaling hormone – it tells your brain that your body is starving. During a diet you reduce your calorie intake, your blood glucose levels fall, less insulin is produced, and thus the process of fat mobilization starts. As blood glucose level is low, leptin is also reduced. The level of leptin gives a clear signal to the brain: I’m starving, you need to do something! And here’s what the brain does: it stops the synthesis of muscle tissue, slows down the fat burning process, and “turns on” a protective mechanism called “a strong sense of hunger”.

After a couple of weeks of strict dieting, cortisol (a stress hormone) level reaches its maximum, testosterone level trails off, the fat burning process almost stops – all these lead to weight loss, but at the expense of losing muscle mass. And it is a normal defensive reaction of the body to low levels of leptin, which tells your body that it lacks food. So the body protects fat and keeps it as long as possible in the conditions of food shortage.

A woman disappointed in her weight after strict diet


Once the diet comes to an end, your body begins to vigorously store up fat putting it in reserve (in the case of another food shortage). You probably have such friends who were on a diet and after its end gained even more excess weight than they had before.

The secretion of leptin depends on:

  • the level of consumed carbohydrates;
  • the level of fat in the body.

Therefore, a high level of it is observed in obese people and in those who consume a lot of carbohydrates.

Women have 2-3 times higher level of the hormone leptin than men because they have a smaller amount of muscle mass and a greater amount of body fat, so it is more difficult for them to lose weight.

Leptin is a hormone that gives our brain a signal of saturation; it cooperates with another hormone, ghrelin – a hormone of starvation. Both of these hormones affect weight. Before a meal ghrelin levels are increased, and after it – reduced.

The best way to lose weight fast is balanced nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet has always been a problem for many people. One thing we know for sure is that most of the popular diets are old school: they’re completely out of date and no longer relevant. Our body is very smart, and under the condition of nutrients shortage, it stores fat because it’s the main source of energy. Same for the money: when we are out of money we start to save it and spend it more cautiously. A similar thing happens to our body: it reinforces protective reactions and during the diet it says goodbye to your muscles first, gaining fat in reserve after the diet. Therefore, you need to maintain proper and balanced nutrition.

The best way to lose weight fast: balanced nutrition

The basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet

A morning meal must be scheduled within one hour after waking up. You need to eat every 2.5-3 hours. The last meal mustn’t be later than 2 hours before bedtime. You should eat at the same time every day, keeping up to an eating plan.

Conclusion on healthy eating:

Balanced nutrition is not a diet – it’s just an eating system that suggests eating 5 times a day every 2.5-3 hours but in smaller portions. Eat more often, but consume less food.

However, what to eat to lose weight is a different issue – if you’re interested in it and want to learn more, read “What to eat to lose weight”.

Point №8: extra activity whenever possible

If you don’t always have time to work out properly or can’t for some reason get sweaty, try to make your life more active with various exercises!

Do you work on the 10th floor? Forget about the elevator – stairs is the best way up to the healthy lifestyle.

The best way to lose weight fast: extra activity

Do you go home by bus? If you work miles away from home and your evening takes hours on the bus, then simply get on your bus two stops later – it will prolong your journey, but your cardiovascular system will thank you afterward. Do you work in the office? Lean back to stretch your spine from time to time, tighten your buttocks for a minute every 10 to 15 minutes. Draw your belly in, creating a vacuum, – use any chance to exercise. Try to speed up at walking. In case you really need to use the elevator – use every second of the ride for exercises, if you’re alone. For instance, train your ankles by getting up on your toes all the way up or down.

Try to engage your muscles as much as you would have had to if you had been living in the 19th century – no car, no elevator, no public transport, no junk food, and the constant need to move.

Point №9: changing your entertainment habits

The best way to lose weight fast: a couple taking a long walk

What do you normally do after coming back home? Getting comfortable on the sofa, watching TV, eating snacks, sipping wine, googling funny videos? None of those things contribute to the weight loss progress. You have to change your habits. When you come home or have a free minute or two, use this time to your advantage. Play one of our videos and work out or take a walk together with your family members. If you have no family members around, call your friend and ask them out for a long walk. It will occupy your time and you won’t feel lonely while doing the right things for your body. Instead of playing cards in the evening, play active games with your children: buy “Twister” and remember the joys of your early childhood!

The best way to lose weight fast: point №10 – competition

When you’re trying to lose weight nobody but you controls you and follows your results. And the only thing you may lean on is pure motivation. But when you have a partner who tries to lose weight too you can make it a bet – things will go faster and with more enthusiasm! Try to find someone who’s willing to lose weight just like you. This kind of competition may be helpful – other person’s results may become your motivation and vice-versa. Just don’t get crazy about this competition: remember – your goal is to lose weight fast and never gain it back!

The best way to lose weight fast: competition

And now let’s take a look into the future: imagine that there will be a new person in your life. This person will have the keys to your house, know where your money is, live with you, dine at your table, bring up your children, use your stuff, sit at your computer, and use your account on Facebook. This stranger will sleep in your bed, drive your car… Look in the mirror – and you will see that person. It is you. You’ve molded this person making decisions today, here and now.  What will this person look like? How will they live? What will they do? Will they live the life you’ve always wanted and dreamt about? It depends on your current actions.

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Good luck to you in all your endeavors. May the Force be with you!

With love and respect,

Elena Power.


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