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Biological Age – Five Tips to Help You Stay Young

stay young

We all have experience of meeting a person who looks so younger than his/her age. Sometimes the difference is so much that one cannot even distinguish a mother from her daughter or a father from his son. This phenomenon utterly surprising for most of the people, their first reaction is how come they look so young? And then they try to ask those people about their heavenly “secret formula” of such a considerable difference in their biological and chronological age.

While the fact is that this phenomenon can have some factors out of which some are controllable and some uncontrollable. Uncontrollable factors include the family origin, genes, and race whereas controllable elements are our lifestyle and habits which we can adapt and change to slow the aging process.

Biology tuition may tell us that this factor is linked to the DNA structure. A DNA is carrying our genetic information and these DNA strands, or chromosomes have caps on their both ends just like caps on the ends of shoelaces. These end caps are called Telomeres and are like to our body’s biological clock or age.

These caps or telomeres get shorter with age and ultimately so small that they are no longer able to protect our DNA structure. In this condition, the cell division causes errors which result in cancer and other chronic issues. These telomeres eventually become so small that it is difficult to maintain the lifecycle.

woman looks younger than her age

People in China’s Longevity village are famous for their long lives and younger biological age. Research has shown that besides their healthy lifestyles they have a very slow rate of telomere length loss which results in their long lives, good health and lack of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

How to maintain a young biological age?

Despite a busy schedule and fast pace of life in today’s age, it’s still possible to maintain a lifestyle which will enable you to minimize the aging effects and look way younger than your actual age. We are five tips which experts and researchers say that is most effective in maintaining a younger biological a decidedly.

Maintain a Healthy Diet plan

An excellent and balanced diet is a way of maintaining good health. And your first step towards a healthy lifestyle which is going to benefit you in the long term by keeping you healthy and safe from diseases. East proteins, more vegetables, good fats and lots and lots of hydration, yes keeping yourself hydrated is as important as having a proper diet.

Try to be organic as much as possible, avoid processed and junk food. Take good care of your body and skin and avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible.

stay young - no direct sunlight

Manage your Mental Health to avoid stress

Stay away from everything which keeps you worried and tense. Take excellent care of yourself. Stress is one of the top reasons for fast aging so better to keep a distance from it. Stay away from drugs and smoking and develop a habit of meditation or yoga to keep your mind focused and stressed free.

Exercise and Weight Management

Be active and stay away from obesity. Fat on your body is the biggest enemy of yours. Whatever your age is keeping yourself physically and mentally busy and active. This will keep your body not only healthy but also away from stress and various diseases. And the most significant benefit is that being active and exercising regularly will maintain your weight within desired limits.

Good sleep and be positive

Take a good nap daily. Minimum 7-8 hours daily sleep essential for your physical and mental health. Focusing on good things in your life and enjoying it is the biggest blessing and the best thing to do in the long term as this will keep you fit, smart and younger.

stay young - man sound asleep

Be social, make friends and avoid loneliness

Don’t get yourself locked up in corners of your home, get out and meet people, make new friends and grow your network. This will help you keep busy and active in every part of your life, and you will feel mentally and physically more healthy and robust.  Meeting new people and sharing ideas is also useful for your mental health as you are introduced to new ideas and horizons.

The biggest secret of staying young is to be happy and always smile. Take very good care of yourself and people around you who love you. Stay away from drugs and close to nature. Following these few tips and everyone will be asking you about your “secret recipe” of being so young, and then don’t forget to quote our reference. Be happy and stay young!

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