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How Much Muscle Mass Should There Be in Your Body?

Muscle mass in the body

Do you need to gain muscle mass? Ideally, there should be approximately 65% of muscle mass in the body of a healthy and slender person. And here is one thing that may actually trick you – the muscles weigh a lot! I had a situation at the beginning of my weight loss process when I was losing inches: in the waistline, in the legs – but my body weight stayed the same. And I have made a big mistake because I had not taken any measurements of my body before training – I simply looked at the scale and saw that weight didn’t go. I was working out but not losing weight! All I was losing was my motivation.

Muscle mass weighs a lot

Don’t let it fool you!

Then I got myself a body analysis digital scale which shows the amount of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, water, and muscle bulk. Every other week after my daily workout I stepped on this analytical scale and found out that I’d lost a tremendous amount of fat and had gained muscle mass, of course.

Muscle mass analytical scale

And I could see the result in the mirror, though the scale wasn’t reflecting it – the weight was the same. Those who do not have the body fat analyzer and digital weighing scale I advise to make measurements before starting to lose weight. Thus, you will see the evidence of your progress and get motivated to move forward. Very soon you will see how much muscle mass you have gained and how much fat you have lost. You’ll even feel much better: the shortness of breath, too quick pulse, sluggishness and clumsiness of movements will completely vanish!

Muscle mass gain measurements

Muscle mass helps you to:

  • Get rid of the excess fat.
  • Tighten flabby body parts.
  • Strengthen your bones; bone density will be increased on average by 14%.
  • Prevent injury.
  • Allow you to eat your favorite high-calorie meals.

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