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Body Wraps That Burn Belly Fat: Homemade Recipes

Body Wraps That Burn Belly Fat. Homemade Recipes

A bulging belly can actually ruin your waistline and create extra curves that don’t compliment the beauty of your silhouette. In this article, you will find out how to burn belly fat with body wraps. Belly is one of the most problematic areas. In the case you are wondering how to make your belly flat and tight wrapping can become an easy way out.  And it’s not necessary to visit those expensive beauty shops or spa-salons if you want to try body wraps. The wrappings for weight loss can be prepared at home – make them, using the recipes below.

Acetic body wraps

Body wraps can be made of many different components. Acetic belly wrapping for weight loss is the most commonplace to use at home.

Acetic body wraps


How does this body wrap work?

Vinegar evaporates and cools the skin. Trying to maintain the temperature on the surface of the skin, your body is forced to spend extra energy on heating. That’s why it draws the energy by splitting fats situated under the skin of your belly.

Thus, vinegar works in several ways:

  • vinegar acids accelerate the regeneration of your skin, decrease the number and depth of stretch marks;
  • vitamins and minerals nourish your skin, accelerate the collagen synthesis, make the skin of the abdomen more elastic;
  • a light cooling effect augments the “fat burning”, and cellulite “bumps” disappear;
  • enhanced outflow of fluid from the skin cells and its withdrawal from the body due to the cooling effect results in the reduction of edema and, as a consequence, reduction of excess weight.

Burn belly fat with coffee body wraps

Coffee has anti-cellulite and fat burning qualities. Using coffee body wraps for weight loss, you can reduce cellulite and remove a few inches from your waist. Caffeine is a strong bio-stimulator; it has rejuvenating and toning effects. But you must remember that we talk about the natural coffee only.

Coffee body wraps

Here is a simple formula for preparing such body wraps:

Ground coffee is simply mixed with warm water until it becomes a paste which must be applied to the skin of your belly.

Then you need to envelop yourself in the food plastic wrap and cover with a warm blanket. For these body wraps, you can use the coffee ground remaining from your strong morning beverage if it’s been brewed without additives.

To enhance the effect of a coffee wrap you can add some other components to the mixture, for example, honey, essential oils, or olive oil.

Burn belly fat with the help of honey and mustard body wraps

A mixture of honey and mustard also has healing effects. Mustard has a strong warming property which makes the pores open, your body starts to sweat heavily, and all harmful substances that have accumulated in the body release from the cells with the sweat. Skin cells get rid of excess fluid, and some of the fat evaporates with it – that contributes to weight loss. Honey saturates your skin with nourishing substances contained in it in large amounts. Due to these agents, the process of lipolysis and metabolic processes are accelerated. Such body wraps will definitely help to fight cellulite and burn belly fat.

Honey and mustard body wraps

Important! We mustn’t forget that mustard is a potent allergen; it has to be applied carefully. Only natural honey is suitable for the procedure.

You can prepare the mixture by adding mustard powder to honey. For the first procedure, it is recommended to take a minimal amount of mustard and gradually increase it in the subsequent body wraps. The influence of mustard can be mitigated by adding olive oil and body cream to the mixture. The mixture should be applied to the problem areas of your body. Then envelop yourself in the food plastic wrap and a warm blanket. Wait for 10-20 minutes, and then take a warm shower.

Clay body wraps

It is possible to use clay as an active component of the mixture for body wraps. You can buy any therapeutic clay, but blue clay is most often used to fight cellulite and burn belly fat at home. White clay makes your skin elastic and helps to get rid of excess fluid.

Clay has excellent absorption properties. It absorbs all “garbage” which comes out of the pores of your skin with sweat during the procedure like a sponge. In return, it saturates your cells with a whole range of useful nutrients which improve blood circulation and speed up the metabolism. The recipe is simple: mix the clay with water until it becomes a paste and apply it to your body. Envelop yourself in plastic wrap and a warm blanket.
 burn belly fat by the clay wrap

Plastic wrap for burning belly fat

When you don’t have enough time to prepare mixtures, just roll plastic wrap around your waist – it will help you to correct your silhouette, provided that you will be doing intensive physical exercises during the procedure. In this case, due to the plastic wrap you will sweat heavily and get rid of excess fluid, and because of the physical activity fat layer will gradually melt. It is recommended to apply cellulite cream to your skin before the wrapping and to put something warm above the plastic wrap.

Body wraps before going to bed

Body wraps before going to bed

It is a very interesting method – overnight body wraps for weight loss. From 22 to 24 hours our body produces the somatropin hormone which contributes to our beauty. Beauticians recommend using any kind of body wraps an hour or half an hour before going to sleep. After such wraps, you will sleep well and at the same time lose weight in the most pleasant way.

Body wraps: contraindications

Each of the abovementioned procedures has its contraindications. You should not neglect them – it can cause irreparable damage to your body. Remember: choose the type of wrapping that suits you best, be patient, do exercises, and eventually you will be able to be proud of your slim waist and flat stomach once again! Practicing home wrappings to burn belly fat, you should know that without regular exercises and healthy eating habits the effect of such body wraps will be temporary. Don’t expect to become slim just putting the plastic wrap around you! However, body wraps definitely have a positive effect on your skin. With the help of those magic wraps, it becomes more toned and flexible.

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