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How to Do Burpee – Benefits, Useful Tips

2-minute set of 4 times /day
12 min

Muscles Involved: Full Body

Benefits of Burpee

Burpee is an exercise which engages the entire body. This exercise will give you energy and power after each workout. You can enhance the endurance using burpee, but it‘s desirable to increase the load slowly and gradually during exercise. Burpee affects all joints and muscles that obtain the necessary load during workout.

The muscles of the upper body (deltoids, trapezius, triceps), thighs, abdominals, and the calf and gluteal muscles are engaged in this exercise. But the main purpose of burpee – is fat burning. Studies have shown that this type of exercise burns up to 50% more of fat than any other strength workout. It is also important that burpee helps to boost metabolism. In practice, burpee can be a basic element of any workout as well as a warm-up before other exercises. Don’t forget that it’s necessary to breathe correctly while performing burpee exercise. If you want to lose weight and keep yourself in good shape, burpee exercise is a great idea. Moderate and regular workouts will give you a healthy, slim, and beautiful body in a short period of time.

How to Do Burpee

  • The initial position: squat, hands are positioned in front of you on the floor;
  • Jump out into a push-up position (plank);
  • Return quickly to the squat position;
  • Jump up of this position as high as possible;
  • Get into the initial position again.

How many Burpees should I do per day?

For beginners, it’s better to perform 2-minutes set of burpee four times a day. The break should last no longer than 1 minute between each set. Then, you can increase the efficiency by doing the same 2-minute set, but 6 times a day with a 1-minute break. It is also possible to perform 3-minutes sets 4 times and rest for a minute. Your body will become slimmer in 2-3 weeks of such workouts.


  • Burpee exercise can become a kind of warm-up before the main exercises if you perform other strength workouts;
  • If burpee seems to be complicated for you – do not rush to quit this exercise. You can reduce the load on your body excluding the last element of burpee – jumping.

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