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12 Diet Tips & The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

12 Diet Tips & The Fastest Way to Lose Weight.

“Diet” shouldn’t be a scary word that means “limitations”. Dieting means compromising, finding the best way to give your body necessary nutrients and keep it healthy. However, sometimes dieting is a part of the weight loss process. And today we will learn how to lose weight fast with the help of dieting. These 12 tips will help you on your fastest way to lose weight. So, let’s start.

Before making a decision to lose weight, a person needs to know exactly how many pounds of excess weight they have, how many pounds they want to lose, and how much time they’re able to spend on it. First of all, we will tell you about the main reasons leading to excess weight. Here is a list of obesity factors of the Harvard School of Public Health. Perhaps you will find the factors that have led to your overweight here:

12 diet tips: suffering from obesity

  • Smoking;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Low physical activity;
  • High fasting blood glucose levels;
  • High levels of LDL cholesterol;
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Low levels of omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Excessive consumption of saturated (animal) fats;
  • Insufficient intake of polyunsaturated (vegetable) fats;
  • High content of salt in the diet;
  • Insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables.

Diet tips for fast weight loss

№1: monitor the amount of food you eat

12 diet tips: write down what you eat

Keeping a food diary and counting calories help people who want to lose weight fast. It’s the first of our diet tips, although it seems to be insignificant. You’d better check; it does work! The fact is that we do not always notice how much we really eat and even don’t count the calories in products. You need to write down everything you eat during the day, even the smallest candy with a cup of coffee, so that you could see how it’s going with your nutrition and control it.

№2: exclude sweets and pastry COMPLETELY

12 diet tips: exclude candy completely

If you’ve set the goal to lose weight fast you have to be strong and eliminate sweets, pastry, and sugary sodas from your diet. Only then you will see the results.

№3: limit salt and spices that whet the appetite

12 diet tips: limit salt

Limit your salt consumption – that’s the third one of our diet tips you should definitely consider. Eat herbs rather than spices: dill, parsley, cilantro, mint, cumin, etc. Replace salt with lemon juice. You are allowed to use black and red pepper.

№4: drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating

12 diet tips: a glass of water before eating

This one is the simplest of all our diet tips to observe. A glass of water before a meal fills your stomach, and you eat less food. Sugary drinks and strong meat broths are not suitable for this purpose – they stimulate the appetite.

№5: eat more often

12 diet tips: eat more often

Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially cabbage, sea kale, and squash. Vegetable fibers create a feeling of fullness and are good for digestion. Eat more often but in smaller portions (5-6 times a day). The intervals between meals should not exceed 2.5-3 hours. Then your appetite becomes moderate and it’s unlikely that you’ll overeat.

№6: Start lunch and dinner with a low-calorie snack, not with the main course

12 diet tips: start lunch with a low-calorie snack

This diet tip for fast weight loss will also help you to reduce appetite. Eat a hard-boiled egg, lettuce, a grated carrot, a cucumber and a sprig of celery – just any salad that not only is low-calorie, but also good for your health. Thus you’ll get vitamins that are essential for your skin to become smooth and radiant.

№7: eat hot liquid food. Soups can help to lose weight

12 diet tips: eat soup

Eating soup is a great way to lose weight fast. That’s why this piece of advice takes the honorable 7th place among our diet tips. Soup is low in calories, nourishing, and it takes a long time to digest. Soups should be eaten when they’re still hot because a hot meal is good for digestion and speeds up metabolism. The experiments have proved that warm liquid food is digested longer than the food eaten dry. And that means you’ll be full longer and won’t put on weight. The necessary conclusion is: eat hot soups to lose weight!

№8: eat slowly, do not rush to swallow, chew every piece well

12 diet tips: eat slowly

Saliva contains enzymes which slightly cleave the pieces of food. Well-chewed, processed with saliva food is digested better, and your stomach is full even after a small meal. Take a 10-15 minute break between courses, and you will be able to easily refuse to continue lunch and feel full. Your brain always takes some time to understand you’ve got enough nutrients. Your stomach can receive food until it’s completely full but the feeling of satiety, considering the caloric value, comes only after 15-20 minutes. If you keep in mind that gap of the food recognition process you’ll get enough food and won’t overeat.

№9: arrange fasting days for weight loss 1-2 times a week

12 diet tips: arrange fasting days

Fasting days are a great tool included in our diet tips for fast weight loss. Fasting means that you need to choose only one product: one kind of fruit, a vegetable, or some food containing complex carbohydrates – and eat it during one day. Eat as much of this one product as you want, but nothing besides it.

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№10: keep to a drinking regime

12 diet tips: adhere to a drinking regime

Water is the most vital element for every living being – the lack of water in your body slows down your metabolism, has a negative effect on lipolysis, and also leads to early aging. So, be sure to drink 4-5 pt. of still water during the day.

№ 11: Don’t go to sleep immediately after a meal

12 diet tips: don't go to sleep immediately after a meal

“Don’t go to bed immediately after a meal” – that’s one of the most important diet tips. Going to bed with a full stomach leads to the accumulation of fat in your organism. If you are sleepy after a meal, take a walk and get some fresh air, distract yourself. It’s also not recommended to get to hard work immediately after a meal.

That’s it! You’ve learned our diet tips for the fast weight loss. But dieting requires constant control and takes some time before you see the first results. In case you need immediate results, here is one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

The fastest way to lose weight is physical activity

12 diet tips: people working out

Dear reader, even if you’ve changed your eating habits the fastest way to lose weight without any harm is still exercising. Nothing on Earth (we don’t consider unhealthy methods of weight loss) has a better effect than workouts. Intense workouts at home, walking and jogging burn fat much faster than any diet would. Moreover, nowadays HIIT (“High-Intensity Interval Training”) workouts are available. They’re a mixture of the interval, cardio, and strength exercises; take little time, and continue to burn calories as a post-workout effect, even when you are sleeping, eating, sitting at the computer, relaxing, or just dreaming about a slim body. I am a great supporter of such workouts because I know that they produce excellent results. These workouts take no more than 15-20 minutes a day 2-3 times a week, and you don’t have to leave your house. Find these workouts on our channel!

Learn more about how to lose weight with the help of HIIT: Weight Loss Workouts

Sincerely yours,

Elena Power


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