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How to Do Elbow Plank – Benefits, Variations, Workout Routines

1 time/day
20-30 seconds

Muscles Involved: Ab

Benefits of Elbow Plank

Plank is an isometric strength exercise. It means that during its performance you don’t make any movements, just keep your body in one position for a while. One who has never performed elbow plank may think that this exercise is easy to do and, therefore, it has a low effect. But he is wrong. The performance of this exercise requires strength in your abs, core, and back. Elbow plank has many benefits.

It engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously so you can work out your core, upper and lower body at the same time. Elbow plank helps you to get rid of belly fat and tighten it. It also strengthens your back and, as a result, it reduces back pain. Performing planks can increase your flexibility in posterior muscle groups throughout your body. If you have a poor posture, this exercise is excellent to improve it.

Elbow planks not only enhance your physical appearance but also maintain mental health and improve your mood. If you perform this exercise on a regular basis and in a proper way, you will notice the brilliant results after three weeks: you will have a beautiful flat belly, strong arms, toned glutes and thighs, and healthy back.

How to Do Elbow Plank

  • The starting position: get down on all your fours resting on your forearms and knees;
  • Push off the floor – lift your knees and rest on your toes and mainly on your elbows;
  • Contract your abs to keep yourself up and prevent your booty from sticking up and sagging;
  • Keep your back flat – don’t let it drop or the exercise will be performed in vain.

For How long should I do elbow plank daily?

Hold on your body as long as you can. 20-30 seconds will be sufficient for beginners, as you get stronger perform the exercise for a minute. Do three sets three-four times a week. You will notice the first visible results after a couple of weeks.


  • Do not let your head, shoulders or hips drop;
  • Do not position your hands too close together in order to avoid internal rotation and instability at your shoulder joint;
  • Do not forget to breathe during the exercise.

Plank Variations

Elbow Plank Workout Routines

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