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Fasting For Weight Loss: How to Fast Without Doing Harm to Your Health?

Fasting for waight loss

Have a little bit of the excess weight? We suggest to solve this problem by fasting. One day of fasting is a sort of a “magic wand” that helps to get back in shape after holidays. There are fasting days recipes that allow you to lose up to 3.5 kg of critical weight in no time! Add the 15-20 minutes exercises the next day, and you will get a perfect result!

When to fast and how to choose proper foods for the fasting day?

Fasting days for weight loss are usually practiced in three cases:

  • Fasting productsafter a period of abundant gluttony when you physically feel the effect of overeating;
  • as the final stage of a long-term diet or detox program;
  • as a regular practice of self-weight control – a kind of prevention of excess weight.

If the task is to lose a lot of weight quickly, think of a fasting day on cucumbers, apples or cabbage. However, you must understand – losing weight on a fasting day takes place not at the expense of fat loss, almost 95% go away due to the withdrawal of excess fluid and accumulated “food rubbish” (decay products, toxins, undigested food, etc.).

When choosing a product for super fast weight loss or a fasting day, you should guide by your eating habits and a potential result. For example, unpopular cucumbers can give an impressive effect – up to 3.5 kg of weight loss, while everyone’s favorite watermelon as part of a fasting day can help to get rid of only 2 kilos.

12 rules of effective fasting days

It is safer and more effective to organize one fasting day a week. You can choose a Monday and use only one type of products, or make a combined fasting day with a few types of products. It is advisable to fast on schedule – on certain days of the week. Your body will get used to fasting days, and will “wait” for them, so you will get through it much easier.

Water drinking while fasting

  1. Products must be strictly dosed, but the intake of fluid should be increased. You need to drink a lot of water (to 2.5-3 liters a day). It can be still water, mineral water and a variety of herbal teas and tinctures. Note, that green tea is very useful;
  2. To get a greater effect, vary your food products. That is, one type of a fasting day this week should be replaced by another the following week;
  3. To enhance the effect of a fasting day have a light dinner the day before. Avoid drinking alcohol. With these requirements you will increase the benefits of fasting days;
  4. All food should be divided into 6-7 small portions, and the average calorie value of foods should be 1000-1500 Kcal. It is approximately 1.5-2 kg of vegetables or about 500 grams of protein products;
  5. While fasting teach yourself to take one tablespoon of vegetable oil on an empty stomach in the morning – it will prevent bile stagnation, which may occur due to the limitation of food;
  6. Organize your fasting day and exclude intense physical and mental stress. The best way is to spend such a day at home;
  7. Try to think of some work during the day, but not too tedious. It will distract your thoughts from food;
  8. It is desirable to increase the duration of sleep at night during fasting days.  A nap for an hour in the afternoon might also be  a good idea;
  9. If it is impossible to endure hunger, eat low-calorie yogurt;
  10. Do not throw yourself on food immediately after a fasting day. It will lead to unpleasant consequences. The next day after it, try to eat moderately, limiting fat, sweet and flour products;
  11. Of the variety of fasting days, you should give preference to those that suggest consuming a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, and rich in fiber. Such days are especially useful in winter and spring when our organism needs more fruits and vegetables. Grease, meat and dairy fasting days should be used very carefully. They are contraindicated in chronic diseases of the digestive system or cardiovascular system;
  12. It is strongly not recommended to fast during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as during the illness, or during the exacerbation of chronic diseases. In such cases, you need to consult with your doctor.

You can easily and quickly choose a fasting day according to your taste. So you should try this kind of health improvement. Fasting days are a good tool to correct your diet plan, cleanse the body of food surpluses and improve health.

Fasting day on cucumbers – minus 3.5 kg

The popularity of a fasting day on cucumbers relies on two unique qualities of this vegetable. Firstly it contains a negligible amount of calories. But what is most valuable to dieters is the presence of tartronic acid in cucumbers – a substance that slows down the process of converting carbohydrates into fat. If we take into account that on cucumbers we can lose up to 3.5 kg – this type of a fasting day and detox deserves to be the most effective.

Cucumbers whilefasting

  • Features. A cucumber fasting day has a low caloric value. The number of calories per day on this regimen often does not reach even 300 Kcal. Try to spend this day at home without special physical and mental stress;
  • Advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious and desirable advantage of the day on cucumbers is its high efficiency. In some cases you can lose up to 3.5 kg of excess weight;
  • Diet plan. Divide 1.5 kg of fresh strong cucumbers into 5-6 meals. Eat without salt, sauces, and spices. Although you can add 1-2 tablespoons of bran and 2 eggs a day.

Fasting day on apples – minus 3 kg

European microbiologists proved that frequent consumption of apples increases a special type of bacteria in the intestine that prevents the process of decay and promotes better digestion. Accordingly, a so-called “food rubbish” does not manage to form – that is a direct prevention of excess weight. American scientists have concluded that women who eat 3 apples a day lose weight faster than those who ignore this fruit in their daily diet.

  • Fasting day on applesAdvantages and disadvantages. Apples enrich the body not only with iron and vitamins, but also help to reduce “bad” cholesterol. In addition, flavonoids, kvartsetin, and naringin, which are found in abundance in apples, protect lung cells from the development of malignant tumors. The only disadvantage is that apples increase appetite;
  • Diet plan. For an apple fasting day, buy 1, 5 kg of tart or neutral apples (but not sweet!). Throughout the day, use the well-known formula: if you are hungry – eat an apple. Additionaly, you should also drink 1.5 L of still water a day.

One day mineral water fast: is it useful?

Fasting day on mineral water is one of the most effective ways to clean the body in order to lose weight. Often people confuse hunger with thirst, they fill the stomach with food, overeat and get the disappointing figures on the scales. If you can distinguish between these two feelings, you will be able to lose weight much easier and faster.

The essence of the fasting day on water is that having the slightest feeling of hunger you drink liquid – mineral water. If hunger becomes unbearable, you can eat any protein product: a piece of baked fish, boiled egg, cooked chicken breast, yogurt, etc. It is important not to use salt and hot spices that have the property to retain water in the body. Otherwise, the effect of the fasting day on mineral water will be unexpectedly sad. Water will result in serious swelling. The day on mineral water is not just a diet program, giving the digestive system and the whole body “a rest” and the possibility to get rid of excess weight, but it is also an excellent detox. The last meal should take place at 5-6 p.m. The last intake of water is 2 hours before bedtime.

A strict fasting on mineral water

A Strict fasting day on mineral water

If you wish to lose a lot of weight quickly and if you  have a strong will and power, you can arrange more stringent fasting days on mineral water from time to time. During this days you cannot eat any food other than water. The diet of the day on mineral water is simple – mineral water and that’s all.  You can also add some lemon juice.  Drink at least 2 liters of mineral water a day, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, and spend more time outdoors.

You must wisely end your fasting day on mineral water. Do not throw yourself on everything, the day after a mini-diet should be dietary. Make emphasis on vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, exclude salt and heavy meals such as meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms. It is better to arrange a fasting day on mineral water every two weeks. If you train your body to such a schedule, it will help you not only lose weight but also to regulate the metabolic processes in the body, which will keep you in shape.

The day on mineral water is considered to be very difficult, but it is one of the most effective fasting days. Do you remember that this day suggests eating no other food except mineral water? But such a mono-diet is contraindicated for people with chronic diseases and health problems.

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