How to Do Flutter Kicks – Benefits, Flutter Kicks Workout Routines

Benefits Of Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, legs and lower abs. Women, reading this, should immediately start exercising with enthusiasm, because we all know how hard it is to lose belly fat and how quickly it is accumulated in this area.

Flutter kicks are performed in a permanent tension of direct and oblique abdominal muscles. Raised legs provide a constant load and movements make your abdominals, glutes and leg muscles work. The abdominal muscles are responsible for the stationary body position. The abs play the most important role in body balance. Hands are positioned under the butt to keep your legs up off the floor, so they are not able to help you during flutter kicks, and it adds efficiency to this exercise. The higher is the load –the better is the result!

Flutter kicks exercise leads to the weight loss and the belly ceases to sag. Legs, hips, and buttocks will become slimmer, toned and more beautiful if you perform this exercise regularly.

How To Do Flutter Kicks

  • Lay down on a solid, flat surface. Keep your legs straight;
  • Bunch fists and place them under the buttocks, raising the legs. The back shouldn’t be tensed and the lower back should lay on the floor. Put your head on the floor too, and relax your neck muscles;
  • Straight legs should be raised above the floor, toes strained forward. Do not straddle too wide apart. Now you need to do kicks with your left leg to the right and with your right leg to the left, one leg above the other, and vice versa.

How Many Flutter Kicks Should I Do Per Day?

If you perform 20-30 flutter kicks in two sets every day – you will get visible results in 2-3 weeks. It’s necessary to have a rest for a minute after each set of exercises.


  • Legs shouldn’t be positioned below the level of 10 cm above the floor during flutter kicks. Try not to keep your legs at a right angle to the floor, because it reduces the efficiency of the exercise;
  • If the exercise is too challenging for you – you can remove the hands off your buttocks and raise your body above the floor leaning on the elbows. It will be easier to perform flutter kicks in this way.