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Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Nowadays it is easier to write a list of healthy foods than to enumerate all the unhealthy products because the latter are everywhere on the market. Fatty, sweet, and salty products are the most delicious. And the most harmful. Manufacturers do everything they can to make you buy more and top profit. But by buying more sweet and fatty products you harm your own health. Due to the industry development, even the healthiest products can be harmful today. And the reason to that lies in all the chemicals and substances added to the foods: salt, sugar, trans fats, food additives, etc. Even fruit and vegetables are grown with chemicals. But, of course, we can’t eliminate every possible product from the plate. So what exactly should you remember when you choose “permissible” and “impermissible” products?

The main rule is to read the list of ingredients attentively. Even yoghurt may seem innocent while being stuffed with preservatives and other “improvements”. Try to choose those products that have as little and plain ingredients as possible. The simpler – the better. Avoid eating preservatives and semi-prepared foods. All the fast cooking products – noodles, soups, mashed potatoes, water soluble juices – are the result of chemical industry and consequently danger to your organism.

semi-prepared foods

Trans fats that can be found in so many foods are the main reason of death from cardiovascular diseases. They increase the level of “bad” cholesterol. There were studies that have proved how these trans fats contribute to excess weight, diabetes, mammary glands cancer, and lower the number of male hormones among men. Nowadays there’s a law in EU countries prohibiting trans fats in products since it is the most dangerous substance for the human body. The next harmful product is sugar (especially sugar substitutes or sweeteners, for example, aspartame). Again, in the majority of civilized countries sugar substitutes are prohibited, first of all in juices. Aspartame is a sweetener that, according to numerous researches, influences some areas of the brain as a narcotic substance. It changes the psyche, lowers IQ, and disturbs memory and information mastering. In a similar way it influences liver structure.

unhealthy foods are sugar , particularly sugar substitute

You can cook some products by yourself. Yoghurt and bread, for example, can be prepared at home. Almost all fast food contains genetically modified organisms. GMO is the result of technical progress.  GMOs are prohibited all over the world to kids under 12, pregnant women, and people with hormone disturbances for a reason. But just because of marketing the GMO presence in products is withheld most of the time.

So, as dietitians think, there is a list of products that you should avoid eating.

1 Chips and French fries

This is a devilish mix of carbos and fats, pigments and sweeteners. There is absolutely no use in these products. French fries are usually made from inorganic potatoes with pesticides and chemicals used when growing.

foods to avoid for weight loss - french fries

2 Sausages

Sausages that underwent some treatment, like smoked sausages, bacon, etc. As a rule, they contain hormones, nitrates, and other dangerous additives. Even the most natural product contains mostly pig skin and lard, gristles and meat remnants, plus 25-30% of transgenic soy as well as the cocktail of food pigments, aromatizers, preservatives, and sweeteners.

Dietitians advise to buy natural meat and cook it at home.

foods to avoid for weight loss - sausages

 3 Soda

This is a completely chemical product. The only thing natural there is water. The others are preservatives, sweeteners, and pigments. Diet soda is considered less dangerous since it doesn’t alter your figure. But when the calories are absent you drink sugar substitutes – aspartame mainly – that dissociates to formaldehyde (A-type carcinogen), methanol, and phenylalanine (toxic with other proteins). Sweet soda is a mix of sugar, chemicals, and gases – to distribute harmful substances quicker.

Drinking soda can alter your metabolism, plenty of pigments can cause allergic reactions, and carbon dioxide (bubbles in the drink) increases stomach acidity, causing gastritis.

foods to avoid for weight loss - soda

4 Fast food

McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and other international fast food companies use many chemical food additives and carcinogens. A documentary Super Size Me illustrates and proves that all these foods not only cause obesity and increase blood sugar but also alter the human neural system. According to New-York psychiatric institute, eating fast food regularly leads to brain damage, neural fibers damage and causes inflammatory processes. It also causes addiction, like narcotics do.

foods to avoid for weight loss - fast food

 5 Mayonnaise

Home-cooked mayonnaise is not harmful if you know your limits. But what you can find in the supermarket is another thing. It is full of calories, fats, carbos, pigments, sweeteners, etc.

Ketchup is also unhealthy, as well as other sauces and dressings that contain GMOs and sweeteners.

foods to avoid for weight loss - mayonnaise

6 Chocolate bars, lollipops, and chewing gum

Chewing gum, marshmallow sticks in bright packages, lollipops – all these contain lots of sugar, chemical additives, pigments, sugar substitutes, and so on. Keep your kids safe, let them know how dangerous these sweets are, don’t buy them.

Chocolate bars contain an enormous number of calories together with chemical additives, GMOs, pigments, and aromatizers. By eating only 50 g of sugar a day one can easily acquire diabetes, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, teeth problems, and allergic reactions.

Chocolate bars, lollipops and chewing gums

7 Popcorn

Corn itself is not dangerous at all – yes, it is carbo, yes, with starch, yes, it contains a lot of calories. But it also contains fiber and other healthy elements – vitamins A, C, E, thiamine, niacin, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

But everything changes when butter, salt, sugar, caramelizers, pigments, sweeteners, and aromatizes come to play. The amount of salt is too high in popcorn – higher than in chips – which is fraught with high blood pressure and kidney dysfunction.

foods to avoid for weight loss - popcorn

8 Spirits

Degenerative brain malfunction, liver destruction, cancer, genetic mutations – it seems like we can talk about the harmful effects of alcohol for ages. And everybody knows it. Those who drink spirits live 10-15 years less and the quality of their lives is pretty pathetic. They have not only health problems but also psyche disturbances and depressive conditions. 1/3 of all suicides (and 50% of road accidents) happens in the drunken state.

Even the smallest alcohol intake prevents vitamins from absorption and damages liver and kidneys. What is more, spirits have lots of calories – 7 kcal per 1 g (while pure proteins and carbos – 4 kcal per 1 g). The main danger is that the limits between “drinking” and addiction fade very easily.

foods to avoid for weight loss - spirits

9 Refined vegetable oil

In this oil the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids ratio is 15:1, while the norm is 1:1. This ratio causes inflammatory processes in your body.

foods to avoid for weight loss - refined vegetable oil

  10 Salt

Salt is often called “white death”. It lowers blood pressure, disturbs the salt-water balance in our bodies, and helps to store toxins. So if you are not able to refuse to add salt to your dishes, at least try to minimize its consumption.

foods to avoid for weight loss - salt

11 Refined products

Bread made from refined flour is not bread. Healthy bread is made from unrefined grain and crude flour. Also, forget about refined sugar and refined vegetable oils from which all the biologically active components that can prevent long-term storage are being removed during the process of cleansing (example – white flour) – those valuable components include E-vitamin that is the strongest antioxidant.

foods to avoid for weight loss - refined products

In conclusion

The next time you want to treat yourself or you friends and family with something tasty – think twice. Read the ingredients list thoroughly and choose in favor of one product over the other. Keep in mind that it is your health at stake.

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