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How to Gain Weight: Quick and Safe Program

How to Gain Weight: Quick and Safe Program

Almost each of you have a friend – thin as a rake, who may eat two big-tasty at a time! And he wants to gain weight. He goes to the gym, works out at home, and eats almost till the feeling of vomiting. There is a result, but a slight one. Usually people are envious of them. They eat what they want and as much as they want, while we eat carrots and count calories. But the truth is there is nothing to be envious about.

Desperate attempts to gain weight at all costs can result in sad consequences. Perhaps, you will manage to achieve some temporary results, but you will harm your health in such a way, so that you would better remain skinny. Let us talk about how to gain weight as quick as possible without damaging your health.

What does “too skinny” mean?

From a scientific point of view to be “too skinny” or underweight is to have body mass deficiency. It is indicated by the BMI (body mass index) – less than 18.5 BMI is equal to the weight divided into the square of your height. For example, if you are 6 feet tall and weigh 235 pounds, your BMI is 31, which means that you have obesity. The formula is very simple and it does not take into account the quality of the kilos or pounds you have. If you hate sports and you are underweight – it is one story. If the figures on the scales are small, but you lift 1.5 of your weight – it is another story.

According to the American studies, only 1% of men have BMI deficiency. While women have 2.4%. Gender is not very important, because everyone may have problems.

How to Gain Weight: "to skinny" type

BMI deficiency and health

The problems of overweight are known for everybody. Underweight people usually seem healthy and fine, excluding the cases of anorexia. BMI deficiency increases the chances of untimely death for 14% among men and 10% among women, while obesity increases this chance for 5% only. It is hard to believe but it is way more dangerous to be underweight than overweight.

Certainlty, various methods of studying give various results. But anyway, nobody wants to be underweight. The risk of early death is a very vague term. To be more specific, it is worth mentioning that BMI deficiency provokes immune system dysfunctions, broken limbs, infections, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, dementia, and fertile problems.

What causes BMI deficiency?

Not only genes or heredity cause BMI deficiency. Sometimes it is a concrete disease and people do not even suspect it.

  • Eating disorders. The most dangerous disorder is Anorexia – an intense desire to lose weight maximally;
  • Problems with thyroid gland;
  • Celiac disease – also known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy – a severe case of gluten intolerance;
  • Type 1 diabetes;
  • Cancer;
  • Infections.

All these problems can not go away on their own. Self-treatment will only make it worse. So the first and the most important advice for those, who suffers from BMI deficiency is to visit your doctor, especially if the signs of weight loss are recent and have not bothered you previously.

Eating healthy

Does it mean eating more? Maybe, but drinking enormous amounts of soda and eating tons of cakes is a direct way to ruin your health. Those who look healthy can be diagnosed with something awful, resulting in obesity. And that is all because of bad eating.

healthy eating

So we must change the saying “eat more” into “eat more healthy food”. But even when you eat healthy you need to keep in mind your desired result. It is unlikely that you want to become fat. It is even hard to imagine a “healthy fat”, isn’t it? Gaining weight implies gaining muscle tissue as well, so healthy eating is not enough. You will have to make friends with sport.

Calorie surplus

A calorie surplus is a state in which you consume more calories, than you burn, which leads to weight gain in the form of muscle or body fat. If you ignore this basic rule – you will waste your time and efforts. It is very easy to find that limit, when you reach calorie surplus. Forst things you need are food, bathroom scales and patience. Eat every day more than you ate yesterday, but not too much. In some time you will notice that your weight is starting to rise. That means you have reached calorie surplus.

Calorie calculator

Now it is time to turn to calorie calculator and find out the number of your daily calories, with which your body starts to gain weight. Just add together the calories you eat during the day. With these data, you will be able to manage your ration. If the weight gaining does not stop, you do not need to increase calories consumption a day. 300-500 kcal surplus is enough to gain weight. If it is 700-1000 you will gain weight much faster. This is the stage, where you need to convince yourself that this approach to eating will become your standard. It should remain with you for the rest of your life. It is difficult psychologically, but without making it a habit you will lose everything you have achieved.


Protein is the most important nutrient. It is a building material for your body and muscles. However you experiment with ration, it is important to maintain protein level. Unfortunately, protein is not only important but also very hearty. The more protein you eat the more difficult it will be to maintain calorie surplus, but there is no alternative method to gain weight. Your daily protein level will be the same as sportsmen’s – 1.5 to 2.2 g per kilo of body weight. Products rich in protein are usually the most expensive, but also the healthiest. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, nuts – these are your friends. There is a trick – sports food. It is also expensive but using it as a snack will give you a great result. You will have to meet sport foods when you will start attending gym, so why not do it earlier?

Protein food

Carbos, fats, food intakes

Do not refuse any food. The benefits of gaining weight – a real freedom in choosing food (healthy food). Our bodies need all the fats – animal and plant ones. And a lot of complex carbos. Try to make your ration with 4 g of complex carbo per kilo of body weight a day. It is hard, but it is possible. Make friends with grains, noodles, potato and bread. One more trick – sport gainers. Everything is easier with the number of food intakes. The more often – the better. Take at least 3 high calorie snacks.

High calorie products and supplements

If you do not feel hungry enough you may start looking for the most calorie food. There is a risk of choosing fast food. But there are alternatives with far more calories and far healthier products. High-calorie food is food with maximum relation of energy value to the mass. It takes little place in your belly and it is easier to eat. The include:

  • Nuts (almond, walnut, peanut);
  • Dried fruits;
  • Fatty diary;
  • Vegetable oil (olive and avocado);
  • Grains;
  • Fat meat;
  • Potato;
  • Dark chocolate;
  • Avocado;
  • Peanut butter.

Unfortunately, the desire to increase calorie intake will make you limit veggies intake, but do not forget them completely. When choosing fruits, give your preferance to those, that take less time to chew.


  • Eating more is easy if you eat more often;
  • Do not drink before eating, leave the place for food;
  • Feeling thirsty? Try milk instead of water;
  • The bigger your plate, the less you think there is food on it;
  • Coffee is tastier with milk.

Power Sport

Calorie excess ensures weight gaining. The only question is where you want to see those kilos. If you choose muscles – welcome to the sport world for skinny people. Sport (whatever you relations with it) is the important part of weight gaining. It is enough to say that sport makes you hungry, and you want to eat more, right? At first, visit your doctor, to make sure there is nothing wrong, that can prevent you from gaining weight. No one is forcing you to bit the records. Power sport should be a measured process. You will do less reps and sets but with more weight. Of course, you should not forget cardio, but in your case the main priority need to be given to power sport. Cardio is calorie burn, but you do not waste your energy. If you have enough money, try consulting with a professional coach at first. He will explain you everything and will show you the basics. And in time you will know your drill. Just believe in yourself!

Power Sport

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