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How to Get Rid of Fat Face

How to Lose Fat Face

Fat face is the most difficult to get rid of, and it can’t be covered by clothes unless you wear a muzzle. Sometimes it happens that your face is the very last thing that loses its fat and the very first to gain it. Your face usually grows obese when your ligaments lose their tightness and when your organism is unable to store fat in its special “pockets”. Fat moves away from its usual area, muscles become weaker, and folds and double chin appear.

There are lots of reasons for that and you probably know yours, so we are going to start from the fact that you have a “swollen face” and you want to get rid of face fat.

How to get rid of fat face

All pieces of advice can be divided into 3 main groups:

  1. nutrition supply correction
  2. specialized exercises
  3. shading and other cosmetic niceties

I. The first thing you need to pay your attention to is healthy eating.get rid of fat face healthy diet

There are tons of specialized articles online regarding healthy diet, so since our article is not all about eating we just point out the main aspects. To lose face fat one must maintain negative calories balance – spend more than consume. If you’re not spending any calories due to an office job or something else – eat accordingly. Fat doesn’t go away locally; you won’t be able to make only your right or left cheek lose fat. Only general weight loss will change your face. Many people think that starvation is the main method of weight loss but that’s not true. To lose weight one need to eat smaller portions and more often. Eat more fibers and vegetables. Fiber is non-digestible; it extends the feeling of satiety and improves gastrointestinal tract peristalsis. Drink lots of water.get rid of fat face drink water

You probably drink when you’re thirsty. But your organism needs to be moisturized in order to lose weight. So drink at least 8 glasses of water a day: 1 before every meal and 2 in the morning. It will help you to get rid of toxins in your body. You don’t have to completely stop eating bakery and sweets. Just replace them with harmless ones. Instead of milk chocolate eat bitter dark chocolate. Instead of jam eat honey. Always seek a healthier alternative.

II. Combine exercises with a diet. They are effective as long as you do them regularly.

Ex #1 Say “X” and “O”

These letters will make the muscles of your face contract actively. Do 3 sets, 40 repetitions each, saying “X” and “O” one by one. Move your jaw actively, try to stretch and contract muscles.

Ex #2 Mimicget rid of fat face mimics

Change your face expressions. Inflate the cheeks for 3 seconds. Release the air. Smile without opening your mouse.

Ex #3 Say “Aah”get rid of fat face say aah

Remember how your doctor told you: “Open your mouth and say “Aah”? So, open your mouth as wide as you can for 3-4 seconds, and then close it, relaxing completely. Do it 3 times a day, 30 repetitions each time.

Ex #4 Cowget rid of fat face cow

Buy some chewing gum (sugar-free) and chew it for a couple of minutes. Move your jaw very actively.

Ex #5 Face up

Raise your cheeks to your eyes as high as you can. Use the corners of your mouth to help you. When up high, hold them there for 5-7 seconds, and then release your cheeks. Do 2 sets, 15 repetitions each.get rid of fat face face up

Ex #6 Fish lips

This one is very easy. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds and then release. Do 2 sets, 10 repetitions each.get rid of fat face fish lips

Ex #7 massage you cheeksget rid of fat face cheek massage

Japanese massage can also become a solution to getting rid of a fat face. You don’t have to pay tons of money to visit some specialized saloon. Just spare 10-30 minutes and do self-massage, following the video down below:

If you wish to deepen your practice, go ahead and buy the book about the revolutionary program for your face “Facercise” by Carole Maggio.

III. The last tool to present you face in its best is makeup.get rid of fat face makeup

Proper makeup will not only mask whatever you want to mask but also will visually narrow you face.

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