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How a Girl Should Lose Weight

How a Girl Should Lose Weight. weight loss

Despite the youth, beauty and natural attractiveness, many girls tend to lose weight. The cause of excess weight at such a young age may be health problems, but most often hated kilograms appear due to an incorrect lifestyle, when girls neglect the elementary rules of nutrition and ignore physical activities. A lot of articles in the magazines, Internet is full of a variety of diets, but the essence of any weight loss is reduced to the correct rational nutrition and sufficient physical activity. Another aspect, typical for girls – is what the norm is and when to lose weight. It is necessary to know what height and weight of a girl is ideal. Check out this article for more health-related tips.

The Ideal Height and Weight of a Girl

As a rule, the ideal weight is at which the optimal functioning of the organism and the longest lifespan are observed. This weight is typical for girls who lead a healthy lifestyle. While you are at it, check out these Russian girls online that keep themselves in great healthy shape. But the ideal weight does not mean that the body is perfect, but the girl is beautiful, especially these representations differ in different cultures and depend on personal tastes and fashion trends, and also change with time.

How a Girl Should Lose Weight.

There are several formulas for determining the ideal height and weight of a girl, but each of them has its pros and cons: A simple formula for calculating the normal weight in girls: to measure height in centimeters and subtract 110 from the received indicator. The upside of this formula is in its simplicity, and the downside is that it does not consider individual characteristics of a person and age; The Brock formula is similar to the previous calculation, but is true only with height is above 175 centimeters. For girls below 165 centimeters, 100 is deducted from height, and for those with a height of 166 to 175 centimeters – 105. Also, Brock considers the girl’s physique.

How to Lose Weight with a Diet?

If after measuring all the parameters, as well as calculating the ideal weight, the girl decides that she needs to lose weight, in the first place, you need to adjust the diet or choose the best diet. How to lose weight by eating properly? The diet should not be too strict, and in the daily diet, proteins and vitamins are necessary so that metabolism is not disturbed. The diet should include: fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein products. At the same time, you need to exclude sweets, too salty and fatty foods, fast food. Salt retains water in the body, and fatty high-calorie food is quickly digested, calories do not have time to spend and are stored in the form of fat. These are the main recommendations for nutrition, but sometimes one diet is not enough, especially when it comes to such problematic areas of the body as the stomach and thighs with the buttocks. How to lose weight there? Only physical exercises and training can help.

How a Girl Should Lose Weight. diet

How to Lose Belly Fat?

There is one very effective exercise for a beautiful and flat stomach. First, the preparation for the exercise is made. You need to lie on your back and stretch your legs, while hands are holding a towel behind your head. Then you need to pull the navel to the spine, while the lower back should be pressed to the floor. Hips are pushed to the floor, and socks are bent. When the preparation is completed, you can start the exercise itself. To do this, you need to raise the body and go to the sitting position, it is necessary not to push yourself while lifting, the back is round, the muscles of the abdomen are used. Then, you need to smoothly return to the initial position.

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