Using CBD Help To Lose Extra Weight?

CBD oil or cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant otherwise known as marijuana. CBD is among the 104 cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. It is extracted from cannabis then mixed a carrier oil from hemp seed or sometimes coconut to create CBD oil. CBD does not make people high like its counterpart tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC). It is not psychoactive, but has a variety of medicinal and health benefits.

Among the health benefits is helping individuals to lose weight. Many people struggle with excess weight and the health risks associated with obesity. Overweight individuals have higher chances of suffering from diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease among other ailments.

Pregnant women with excess weight pose various health risks for their unborn babies as well as to themselves. While there are various ways that you can follow to lose excess weight, CBD oil can come in handy to catalyze the process of losing weight. It is important to note that the use of CBD oil for weight management is not as effective in everyone. It also depends on your lifestyle and feeding habits.

Studies carried out by two experienced doctors, Rachna Patel and Michael Verbora show that patients treated for other conditions using CBD exhibited weight management benefits as a side effect. Dr. Patel, however, has not prescribed the oil to many of her patients for weight management and even specific CBD products  forenhancing weightloss. We will go through several ways in which this oil can assist your quest to lose weight.

CBD Relieves Stress

CBD regulates the release of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol affects testosterone levels negatively. It decreases the level of this hormone. Considering that testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and burning fat, when it is decreased, it leads to muscle break down and accumulation of fat.

If a patient thus, takes CBD oil dosage, it reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol which in turn ensures that testosterone hormone levels remain normal hence preventing the breakdown of muscles and fat storage. Stress also stimulates appetite in some people leading to them overeating. CBD oil and its relieving effects ensure that this does not happen.

Allows One To Sleep Better

Lack of sleep according to researchers is among the leading causes of weight gain. When you fail to sleep properly or sleep less than it is medically required, you cause an imbalance to your hormones.

When you do not have enough sleep, your body produces low levels of the hormone leptin which makes you feel hungry even when you are not. It also increases the level of hunger hormone ghrelin making you feel even more hungry and thus overfeeding.

CBD oil has some relaxing properties that help you to sleep easily and sleep the required hours without unnecessary interruptions hence avoiding the under and over stimulation of the mentioned hormones.

Helps You To Control Your Appetite

Most people who suffer from weight-related problems usually have an appetite for junk food. When your body hormones lose their normal balance, you can either develop a very massive appetite or lose it all altogether.

Again, we focus on the two hormones responsible for hunger ghrelin and leptin. The former stimulates hunger while the latter is a satiety hormone.

Both of these hormones are secreted in the hypothalamus. CB1 receptors in the hypothalamus regulate the production of ghrelin. CBD oil acts as a CB1 blocker and thus prevents the overproduction of this hormone preventing you from feeling excessively hungry.

How To Take CBD Oil

CBD oil has minimal side effects according to researchers. While it is important to take it according to your physician’s prescription, you can use it without the prescription but watching on your body’s reaction. CBD oil can be taken by dropping a few drops on your tongue and then holding the same for a few seconds to have it absorbed before swallowing.

You can also add to water and smoothies and drink or get it in a spray form that you spray under your tongue.

There are also creams that you can apply topically or take in capsule form. Since CBD oil registers immediate effect, you can start in small doses then increase gradually depending on your body’s response.