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How Many Calories Does Sex Burn: Myths and Reality

How many calories does sex burn: myths and reality

How many calories do you burn during sex? I am confident that thousands of men and women have asked this question. People wonder whether it is possible to lose weight if you regularly have sex. Recently I’ve encountered a heated debate on the Internet where people have argued that sex is a great way to lose weight and can replace a workout in the gym while others, on the contrary, asserted that sex doesn’t burn a lot of calories. The dispute spread for many pages, hundreds of links, facts, evidence. Ultimately, the truth hasn’t been revealed, but I had a fantastic ground for reflection.

I’ve studied the subject for about a week, looked through dozens of articles, hundreds of pages of forums and reviews of different people, and decided to write my own article on this issue. I tried to collect all the most interesting facts about sex and calories that will help you understand how, when and under what conditions you can burn calories having sex. If you decide to lose weight with the help of sex, then this article will help you to make the process not only joyful but also effective.

How many calories does the “average” sex burn?

Most studies have shown that on average a person burns up to 200 calories during sex. That’s not much. From this figure we can clearly say that to lose weight just having sex is unrealistic. But so much depends on the intensity of sex, on the duration, the ingenuity of the partners, on petting, games, foreplay, and emotional state. Therefore, let’s take a broader look at the issue.

How many calories does average sex burn

In terms of the waste of energy sex doesn’t differ from many other physical activities. We can compare sex to intensive jogging or the exercise bike. During sex respiratory rate increases more than 2 times and reaches 30 breaths per minute, heart makes 120 beats per minute, blood circulates faster, blood pressure increases. The body works in a very intensive mode that causes a significant loss of energy. And orgasm is the culmination that strains our bodies to the limit. The condition of the body after an incredible orgasm can be compared with the state of an athlete after running a hundred-meter sprint.

If sex requires such energy losses, then, logically, we burn a considerable number of calories. But many people forget that weight loss is a long and very intense process. Are you ready to have sex at least 4-5 times a week for as much as an hour? And not just have it but make the process intense! Do not forget that sex is not a one-man show. You’ll also have to take into account your partner’s desires. Of course, many will say: “Yes, no problem, what’s wrong with that?” But they are wrong. Of course, sex is a great physical activity, but it’s unlikely to be performed every day for at least an hour. It is easier to run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike, taking into account the fact that the result will be almost identical.

In theory, if we consider it an exercise, you can lose weight during sex – but only if you do it as a workout routine with its regime and intensity. Have sex 5 times a week, do it for an hour, at least, and then you will possibly have a positive result. But such a regime is not suitable for everyone. And those who decide to lose weight having sex are at risk of mental and physical exhaustion in the coming months.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion is that treating sex as the only way to lose weight is a foolish idea. And all those articles and stories about losing extra kilos due to regular lovemaking are beautiful, but implausible myths.

Love makes you lose weight

Love makes you lose weight!

What may actually see off the extra weight – is falling in love. Having sex with low sex attraction and trying to get your benefits from irregular partners doesn’t contribute to losing weight. The feeling of true affection on the initial stage of the relationship is what makes you lose up to 30% of the extra weight, not only by burning the “nervous” calories but also by the reduction of the food consumption. “Full of love” is a true expression for the “butterfly” stage.

How to burn the most calories during sex

If you have been in a relationship for a while now and sex is not that much common you may still take the most out of it, but not only joy and positive emotions that caring partners share. Your regular exercise can be supplemented with good sex. And to achieve the maximum effect from sex without losing its romance and sensuality you need to follow a few simple tips.

Do not forget about kisses

Passionate and intense kisses can help to burn up to 10 calories per minute. If you supplement kisses with embraces, petting, and different movements you can lose much more calories.

Undress in a sensual and romantic way

A young couple undressing each other

You can lose at least 10 calories even while undressing. This conclusion was made by Italian scientists. And if you want to make the process more interesting, turn it into a love game or a sexy dance – by doing so you will be able to burn ten times more calories.

Diversify your sex

Change positions, the intensity of lovemaking, experiment with different kinds of toys. All that will make your love games more diverse, active and arousing. So you can waste more energy and, as a result, lose those extra calories.


If your partner intends to give you a massage, do not refuse. Give him (her) the opportunity to lose up to 150 calories per hour by actively massaging your body. Do not worry – the benefit is all yours – your blood circulation improves and your body burns calories for the heating. If the full hour is too much you can give the massage back and burn some extra calories. If the massage is supplemented with kisses, petting, and flirting it is possible to increase the number of lost calories.


The biggest release of emotions, the highest heart rate, burst of energy and calorie burning occurs during an orgasm. Blood pressure increases, the pulse is rapid, the muscles contract. If you want to lose another 50-60 calories, then bring the matter to a logical and pleasant end.

Do not forget about emotions

Sex burns calories

Throughout the article we’ve been talking about physical exertion during sex, about burning of the calories and spending more energy. But we have completely forgotten that sex has a very strong psychological impact on both partners. As they note, regular sex balances hormones and contributes to the regulation of many processes in the body. If a woman has an orgasm during sex it has a very strong influence on her. She becomes happier, it improves her mood, and her self-esteem grows.

Therefore, we can say that a regular and high-quality sexual life affects the process of losing weight due to the fact that girls take better care of themselves, feel more attractive and desired.

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