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How to Lose Weight in a Week: Healthy Tips

How to lose weight in a week

A week is quite a period – you can actually do a lot about the way you look. It surely may sound too optimistic for those who have a lot of excess weight, but we will tell you how to lose weight in a week. You shouldn’t expect the ultrafast results in such a period, but it is quite real to lose 2-6 pounds without harming your health. Trying to lose too much weight (10-20 pounds) in a week is not only pointless but may also lead to severe health complications. After all, adipose tissue splits quite slowly. If you try to speed up this process you can lose muscle mass which helps us to get rid of fat and to maintain healthy activity. By trying to lose weight quickly you risk gaining those pounds you’ve got rid of (or even more) back again. Nutritionists recommend losing weight gradually: no more than 6 lb. a week. How many excess pounds you will lose depends on the individual characteristics of your body.

A list of banned products

How to lose weight in a week: banned products

To lose weight in a week you need to completely abandon products that prevent weight loss. The food that contains artificial fats and white flour should be in that “blacklist”. Those products, therefore, are: white bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, junk food, sweet drinks, and packaged juices. You also have to abandon convenience food – sausages, smoked food, etc. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt. Salt can be added in small quantities, and it is better to use sea salt for your meals. You’d also better limit coffee and alcohol, ketchup, mayonnaise, and cheese.

Food you should eat to lose weight in a week

To get rid of excess pounds you need to have small meals 5-6 times a day. They should weigh no more than 7 ounces – about as much as your palm holds. The advantage of such nutrition is that it accelerates metabolism, so excess calories don’t affect your waist and hips. There are “bro foods” that will help you to lose weight: lean meat (rabbit, chicken), vegetables and leafy greens, low-fat yogurt, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel), vegetable oils, nuts (no more than 5-9 pcs. a day), whole-grain cereals (wheat, barley, buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal – you can prepare porridge), and eggs.

How to lose weight in a week: healthy food

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Fasting day

Arrange one fasting day. Choose fruit or vegetables which you will eat during this day. It is better to choose apples, cucumbers, watermelon. Some brave souls prefer to eat nothing and just consume a large amount of water – that also gives a good result.

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Drinks for weight loss

How to lose weight in a week: drinks for weight loss

As we have already mentioned, you’ll have to exclude alcohol and coffee from your diet. Sweet soda water is also on the list of forbidden drinks. Drink non-carbonated water, unsweetened fruit beverages, and compotes instead. Green or black tea is suitable as well, but only in moderate amounts and without sugar. In general, you’ll have to drink a lot. The average rate is 1 oz. per 2 pounds of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 132 lb. you should drink about 8 cups of fluid every day. Nutritionists advise drinking a glass of water half an hour before each meal. It curbs appetite and speeds up metabolism.

How to lose weight in a week: body wraps

Body wraps at home or in spa-salons produce excellent results. You can prepare a mixture for wraps of such products as coffee, salt, honey, olive oil, and essential oils. After the body wraps, you will lose inches from your problem areas and become slimmer in no time. For better results make wraps with citrus essential oils or buy anti-cellulite cream.

How to lose weight in a week: body wraps

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Vitamins and minerals

You should always keep in mind that vitamins are essential for our health, but to get their daily rate we need to take multivitamin supplements because it’s impossible to eat such an amount of food that will provide your body with a full range of vitamins and minerals. Buy multivitamins at your local drug store, and don’t forget about Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids – they’ll help you to lose weight fast. The experiments on this issue have shown surprising results: the groups of people who took Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids were losing weight faster, in spite of the fact that other groups ate the same products and lived the same lifestyle.

How to lose weight in a week: vitamins and minerals

Sports for the weight loss

If you want to lose weight in a week your diet should be combined with physical exercises. For this purpose, we highly recommend you to choose HIIT (“High-Intensity Interval Training”) and cardio training: running, step aerobics, swimming, cycling, or walking. HIIT is a short but intense workout which is best for weight loss since it burns fat within 24-33 hours after the training. Physical activity is an important factor that will help you lose weight in a week and make you happy, healthy, slim, and fit.

As for physical exercise, you should maintain the following regime:

  • 1 intense cardio workout for weight loss,
  • Additional exercises for buttocks, abs, and legs.

How to lose weight in a week: cardio workout

Make 2-3 sets of each exercise your daily routine. After two weeks you need to replace the exercises with other ones and to increase the load. It is a normal training process. However, our aim is losing weight in 1 week: that’s why we recommend doing exercise as described above, but with one difference – several times a day and at least 2 sets of exercises, just like athletes do to get ready for a competition. Alternate the muscle groups i.e. load the same muscles every other day (with the exception of abdominal muscles – you can train those every day). Let’s say on Monday you do the leg workout, butt, abs + cardio; on Tuesday – back, arms, abs + cardio. Cardio workouts should be the constant of your daily routine.

On our channel, this training routine is called “Weight Loss Workouts”. This type of training will definitely produce results and enable you to lose weight in a week.

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