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Incredible Weight Loss: 150 Pounds Shed to Look Like Angelina Jolie

A mother of three sons lost 150 pounds to look like Angelina Jolie

Extreme weight loss of 150 pounds is possible!

26-year-old Christine Staggs, a mother of three children, has reached the weight of 308 lb. when after the birth of her second child she became addicted to sweets, chocolate, and ice cream. Once she heard a stranger compare her with the Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie. This prompted Christine to take on a diet and get closer to the image of her favorite beauty idol.

She joined the slimming club in April 2010, and by August the next year she has lost 150 pounds! Now the mother of three sons weighs half as much as before and looks great.

Christine Staggs looks wonderful

In response to the anticipated question “How?” Christine says:

“I must admit that I never noticed similarities with someone else while I was large, but a woman once said that I look like Angelina Jolie”.

“She just said that our lips are alike, but for me it was a real compliment. The words of a stranger got stuck in my head. Until then, I had constantly struggled with excess weight, but to no avail. And then suddenly I got a new impetus”.

“I have a sweet tooth and I’ve always had it – I’m very fond of sweets. I could go to a store and buy a few packs of chocolate chip cookies, a large bar of milk chocolate, a bar of white chocolate, and a few other desserts. I ate all these in one day. I ate too much”.

Christine Staggs before weight loss

“Now I have lost excess weight, and when people say I’m strikingly similar to Angelina it brings me so much delight! My boyfriend is also happy”.

One of the main reasons that had become a motivation for Christine’s weight loss was the lack of her clothing sizes in stores.

“Every time when I had to buy new clothes,” says Christine, “I could hardly find something that would fit me. Sometimes I even had to order a larger size”.

“When I had to buy size 23 I decided that I didn’t want to live like this anymore. In addition, I frequently suffered from pain inside of my chest, so I had to act. During the first week I lost 6 lb., and in a month – almost 9 lb. The progress I made spurred me to go on”.

“It’s like self-learning when you force yourself to control impulses and desires to eat. In our club, we are taught that you can eat everything, but in moderate amounts”.

Weight loss program

Christine’s program included low-calorie meals three times a day and walks with her dog Ben for 3miles every evening.

Staggs lost 150 pounds to look like Angelina Jolie

“At first I was too embarrassed to go to the gym, so I set an elliptical trainer and a treadmill at home. Every morning I worked out for 5 minutes. And I walked with our dog Ben every evening – I’ve never skipped this walk”.

“When I started to lose weight I became more confident and began to go swimming. After I lost 84 pounds I bought a membership in a sports club. In the first couple of months I went there every day, but now I visit it once or twice a week”.

Christine’s given us a wonderful example that everything is possible and it’s never too late to start going to the gym and following a healthy diet!

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