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How to Do Jump Squats – Benefits, Variations, Workout Routines

60 squats/day
10 min

Muscles Involved: LegBack

Benefits of Jump Squats

Is there a person who does not want to have a beautifully shaped butt and legs? We think there is not. Jump squats give many of the same benefits as standard squats and even more. This exercise is just perfect to help you in shaping your thighs, legs, and hips. Besides, jump squats are the most effective exercise for weight loss. It is a plyometric exercise similar to other variations of squats. Jump squats increase the endurance so you will be able to jump higher and run faster.

Everyone knows that legs are crucial with mobility. As we get older, our leg strength decreases, however, squats can help to prevent the natural weakening of these major muscle groups. This exercise helps to maintain motor balance and improve the communication between the brain and muscles. In addition, jump squats help prevent heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

If you perform this exercise on a regular basis, you will observe the benefits of squats in your butt and thighs shape changing, your glutes will become rounded and toned, and your thighs and legs will become fit and slender. Every woman strives to achieve these results and squats are the best way to achieve them.

How to Do Jump Squats

  • The initial position: start with your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, put your hands on your hips;
  • Go into a squatting position with your thighs slightly higher than your knees. Quickly jump for maximum height. Your body should be straight;
  • Land in the squat position and pause for a moment, then return to the initial position.

How many jump squats should I do per day?

Do as many jump squats as needed to get you tired or simply stick to your workout routine or workout plan. In general, the first visible result is achieved after two-three weeks of doing not less than 60 jumps three-four times a week.


  • Warm up! The squats engage big muscles and large joints that should be ready for the load;
  • Jump as high as you can;
  • Do not land with feet straight but bend your knees;
  • While jumping, you should keep your back and body straight.

Squats Variations

Jump Squats Workout Routines

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