Can You REALLY Lose Weight While You Sleep?

Have you ever heard of the fact that you can actually lose some extra pounds even when you are sleeping? Yes, it’s true and won’t be a wonder if you came to know this for the first time. According to a number of researches, a few changes in your p.m. routine can result in a huge weight loss success.

So, if you are still looking for your suit way to lose weight without hitting the gym like crazy, we assure, you’ve landed to the right spot. Here are 5 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep.

Let’s check them out by turns!

1. Do A Little Exercise Before Bed Time

Well, if you are one of those people who hate hitting the gym yet badly want to lose extra pounds, this can be your key secret to weight loss success. Yes, doing a little exercise before you snooze can be a decent way to burn away fat and have better sleep at the same time.

However, try not to overdo things as it may mess your bedtime. Simply, some living room workouts like hand weights, kettlebells, stretch bands, etc. can do the job and contribute to building up abs, biceps, triceps that you have always dreampt of. You can check out our article on the best exercises for weight loss here if you need some ideas.

2. Avoid Large Meals at Dinner

It can be another effective way to build up a healthy diet habit as well as to get rid of stored fat. Yes, if you want to lose weight during your nap time, it’s recommended to avoid larger meals at dinner and skip the carbohydrates.

You might not know that having a heavy meal before bedtime usually takes longer to metabolize. And, as a result, the growth hormone that emits during the bedtime signals our system to store the food as fat, not fuel. Even better, skip a full meal and have a healthy shake instead. See our comparison of shakeology vs visalus shakes here.

3. Try a Warm Shower before Bed

A warm shower before bedtime can help you to a great extent to relieve stress, soothe your sore muscles, and promote better sleep. Besides, it can also increase the release of oxytocin hormone as well. Apart from all these, a warm shower at the end of a tiresome working day can be a decent option to relax your body, mind, and the entire system as well.

4. Shut Down All Bedroom Electronics

According to a number of researches, bedroom electronics can be one of the most notable reasons for obesity. And, the problem can be acuter in the case of kids.

However, in all the aspects, it’s quite common that both kids and adults who spend more time with electronic gadgets tend to have poor lifestyle habits and don’t enough rest & sleep. So, banning electronic gadgets from your bedroom can help you having more intense nap time and forming a healthy lifestyle as well.

5. Sleep in Complete Darkness:

You might not know but the surprising fact is- our body produces a hormone called melatonin when we are in complete darkness. As a result, we feel sleepier and it also helps in producing calorie-burning brown fat which ultimately contributes to losing weight. So, make sure to turn off all the electronics when you prepare for the bedtime and turn around your glowing clock (if you have any). Again, to get rid of unwanted outdoor lights in your bedroom during nap time, you can opt for blackout curtains or shades as always.

Apart from these lifestyle and bedroom changes, sometimes, Sleeping Position can also play a vital role to have better sleep and weight loss. Also, make sure you have enough rest during the day and sufficient uninterrupted sleep during the night for a visible result.

And, last but not the least, sleeping in a cool temperature may help you burn 7 percent more calories to maintain the core temperature of your body which initiates weight loss as well.