Do A Low Carbohydrate Diet The Right Way

As the name implies, a low-carb diet is a diet rudiment that is low in carbohydrates. Studies have shown that low-carb diet is beneficial in controlling weight and fighting off sugar related diabetes. There has also been a proof that a low-card diet routine can help increase biological markers (i.e. triglycerides, HDL Cholesterol etc.) that are beneficial to the proper body function. In the short term, low carb diets have been shown to cause more weight loss than low fat diets.

There are many popular ways to go on a low carb diet some of which are numerated below:

1.) Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet is a form of low-carb diet that is low in carbohydrates but high in fats. Experts normally refer to it as the Keto diets because the body enters a metabolic state know as ketosis. Excess glucose in the body is stored as glycogen in adipose tissue (fatty cells). During ketosis the body is conditioned to transform glycogen stored in adipose tissue to glucose hereby breaking down fatty cells.

Ketogenic diet is a very effective way to lose extra fats from the body system, so it is very popular among bodybuilders and fitness experts.  To go on a ketogenic diet, carbs are usually limited to less than 50 grams per day.

2.) Typical Low-Carb DIET

This terminology doesn’t have a fixed definition and can be anything from eating veggies to completely reducing calorie intake. The diet is simply carb restricted but makes up for it by high protein intake. To do a typical low carb diet; take meats, fish, eggs, vegetables and some healthy fats.

Avoid the intake of obvious high carb food sources like grains, sugary drinks, potatoes and junk food like Mc Donalds and pizza. Depending on your goals the recommended intake of carbohydrates usually falls within any of these range:

  • Weight Maintenance: 100 -150 grams of carbohydrates in the food. There is usually room for plenty of fruits and some starchy carb sources like potatoes. Also ideal for high intensity workout programs.
  • Steady weight loss: 50- 100 grams of carbohydrates. Lesser fruits and potatoes but plenty of veggies.
  • Fast weight loss: Below 50 grams of carbohydrate.

3) The Paleo Diet

Another popular method of doing the low-carb diet is by going paleo. The paleo diet has some of the world’s most popular diet and in theory; it is centered around the Paleolithic era long before industrial revolution hit mankind.

Although the paleo diet is not low-carb in definition, it is generally low in carbohydrate. There has been studies that showed that going on a paleo diet  can induce weight loss, improve risk factors for heart disease and reduce blood sugar.

The paleo diet mainly involves eating meat, fish, moss, Seafood, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds in a tasty combination. Whoever wants to go on a paleo diet must be ready to give up processed food, sugary drinks, legumes and dairy products.

The bottom line of the paleo diet is to go back to the basics where man and his eating habits was more in tune with nature.

4) The Akins Diet

Till date the Akins diet is the best known low-carb diet plan available. The diet plan revolves around restricting high-carb foods while eating as much fats and protein as humanly possible. The Akins diet plan is spitted into four stages:

  • Induction: Here calorie intake is reduced to 20 grams for about two weeks
  • Balancing: Here you can slowly introduce nuts and low-carb veggies to your diet.
  • Fine-Tuning: The balancing out stage should take you closer to your weight loss goals. In the fine tuning stage you can add more carbs to your diet to slow out the weight loss process.
  • Maintenance stage: Without gaining back weight, you can eat as many carbs as your body can tolerate in the maintenance stage.

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5) Eco-Akins Diet

The eco-Akins diet is the vegan version of the popular Akins diet mentioned earlier. As the vegan name suggest, it includes plant foods blended with foods high in protein or fat. Although it’s a bit higher in carbs than the original Akins diet it is still worth mentioning.