How to Do Plank with Leg Lifts for Great Looking Legs!

Benefits of Plank with Leg Lifts

If you want to tone your glutes, plank with leg raises will be perfect. This exercise is also great for strengthening your lower back and can train your entire core. It works out your legs, arms, and abs. You do not need any special equipment, just some space for plank position.

There are many other benefits. First of all, your belly will be toned. You will forget about your back pain. While building strength, planks also boost flexibility in your posterior muscle groups. The muscles around your shoulders, collarbone, and shoulder blades will expand and stretch (few people pay attention to this area). Same for your hamstrings and even the arches of your feet and your toes.

Plank with leg lifts enhances your balance and posture. Your physical appearance will be better and your mental state will improve as well.

A regular and proper performance of this workout will give you shaped glutes and thighs, toned belly, strong arms and healthy back.

How to Do Plank with Leg Lifts

The initial position: lie on your elbows and on your toes, maintain a straight bodyline;
Keeping your core tight, lift your leg as high as you can while still maintaining a solid plank pose. Squeeze your glutes. Hold on for a second;
Change your leg and repeat the movement.

How many plank with leg lifts should I do per day?

Lift your legs in plank position as many times as needed according to your workout routine or workout plan, for as long as you can hold a plank. In general, the first visible result is achieved in three-four weeks by doing at least 15 lifts for each leg three-four times a week.


  • Elbow plank gives more emphasis on your abs;
  • As you get stronger, you can lift your lower body by placing your feet on a step or bench;
  • Look forward, rather than down while doing this workout. Straighten your body and maintain a spine as flat as possible.