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Raw Food Diet – a Lifestyle or Simply a Regime? Talking about Advantages and Disadvantages

Raw food diet

What is raw food diet?

Raw food diet is a diet similar to vegan and vegetarian diets. It means that one eats only plants. But all the food – fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, germs, and roots mustn’t undergo heat treatment. It can be only dried by not more than 40-46°С.

The idea of the diet is very simple – raw “alive” food keeps all the vitamins and it is easily digested. There is a statement, that when you cook the food – you kill it.

Raw food diet origin

The raw food diet has soviet roots. Den Koro, formerly known as Denis Korotovskih, a famous Raw Live Food cook in the US, believes that the founder of this eating system is a soviet Armenian Arkilian. 50 years ago in Erevan, he created a raw food community. This community moved to Tel Aviv, and then to the USA. A lot of ideas were taken from Arkilian’s book and David Wolfe, the author of “Nature First Law”, was not an exception.

Victoria Boutenko became another famous activist of the raw food movement in America.

Types of raw food dietRaw food diet: vegetables

The raw food diet includes two strictest types: raw mono diet and fruitarian diet.

Mono diet prohibits eating fruits and vegetables at the same time. For example, for breakfast you may have a melon, for lunch – cucumbers, and for dinner – mango. Followers of this diet believe that mixed raw food is almost as harmful to the organism as a standard eating: the stomach has to digest various types of foods simultaneously.

Fruitarian diet is the most ascetic system. It allows eating only fruits.

In general, Raw Live Food is a gourmet system, which is the most popular in the US . This is the real art to prepare a dish from vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts in such a way that even meat-eaters will like it. Raw food eaters usually refuse drinking alcohol and smoking. Some can afford a glace of wine, because the wine production doesn’t imply heating. Consequently, it can be considered as a raw product.

Pros and cons of raw food dietPros and cons of raw food diet

Almost every beginner who tries raw food diet experiences the so-called crisis. It is characterized by dizziness, weakness, hair loss, and high body temperature. Eventually, these feelings appear more and more rarely.

As a rule, raw food eaters don’t use cosmetics, shampoo, and shower gels – they use only water. Periods, that women experience, become less painful and sometimes they disappear completely.

Raw food diet followers believe that this is the way for your body to renew itself. Raw food diet is a perfect prophylactic organism cleaning. Lipochromes that can be found in some vegetables and leaves improve the immune system and prevent cancer. It is considered that raw food cleanse your skin and strengthens your hair. The body stops producing bad smells.

Raw food diet is of a special use for those who have kidney diseases, because this diet improves water balance.

Despite all the advantages, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Legumes, wheat, and some other grains in their raw form contain poisonous substances harmful to our organism. Raw food diet is contra-indicated for people suffering from allergies and pancreatitis. Nutritionists highly suggest to practice this diet in small steps – for example, one week every month. Anyway, it is dangerous to change your food ratio rapidly and completely.

Raw food meal planRaw food meal plan

Your first raw food dishes must be tasty to keep your interest in the raw food diet. For example, you may choose fresh fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, couched cereals.

Fruits can be used in dried form. It is hugely advised to add lime, haricot, and pea to your diet. Avoid dried and stewed dishes!

To make a simple salad for breakfast you can do the following: soak off in cold water 100 g. of fern, peel and grate 200 g. of cabbages, then cut the fern and mix it with cabbages. Blend 1 clove of garlic, 50 g. of seeds and greens. Wring out the mix with cabbages and put it in a blender. Add water to get the right consistency. Put the mixture on the salad leaf and season it with sesame.

You can also cook a cream-soup with avocado and champignons. This dish will keep you from “meat breakdown”.

To “bake” a bread, take the wheat and grind it until it becomes jellylike. In the morning put your “future” bread under the sun and make sure to turn it over in the afternoon. Then in the evening you will have completely ecological product.

Whatever you choose towards the raw food diet – make it a lifestyle or simply a three-day regime – consult with your doctor before making such important decision. Take care of your health!

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