How to Do Reverse Leg Lifts – Benefits, Workout Routines

Benefits of Reverse Leg Lifts

You do not need any fancy equipment to perform this exercise, just some space and maybe a mat for your knees. This one is easy to perform, which is good for beginners.

Reverse leg lifts work not only on your glutes but also on the lower back, core, legs and arms. With every lifting, you are toning all 3 gluteal muscles. This makes this exercise a great alternative to classic squats. Moreover, this exercise can help to improve your balance and posture. Be sure that reverse leg lifts help you to get rid of extra calories.

Everyone knows that our buttocks provide us with the ability to walk, run, jump and twist. Improving the strength of our glutes enhances our speed and agility for participation in sports and everyday activities. Also you can try some side leg raises for more variety in your routine. This can help make for a fuller and even more toned muscle mass.

You should remember that reverse leg lifts are beneficial if you perform all movements slowly and carefully. And don’t forget to stretch correctly after your workout!

After doing this exercise regularly for several weeks you will have beautifully shaped glutes, strong legs and arms. The results will make you happy. It is better to start right now!

How to Do Reverse Leg Lifts

The initial position: get down on all fours, place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips;
Raise your left leg bent at the knee and squeeze your buttocks, then lower it back slowly;
Go back into the initial position, repeat the movement with the other leg.

How many reverse leg lifts should I do a day?

Do as many reverse leg lifts as desired according to your workout routine or workout plan. In general, the first visible result is achieved in two-three weeks by doing no less than 30 reverse leg lifts for each leg three-four times a week.


  • Do not lift your leg higher than your hip;
  • Keep your back straight, be attentive that you don’t arch your back;
  • Use your muscles to perform this exercise slowly and do not swing your legs, otherwise all your efforts are in vain;
  • Later on, you can use bands in order to add the resistance.