How to Do Reverse Plank – Benefits, Plank Variations

Benefits of Reverse Plank

Plank is an isometric workout. It means that during its performance you make no movements, just keep your body in one position for a while. Yes, it is not easy as you may think, similar to the plank with leg lifts. Reverse plank is a great bodyweight exercise for strengthening your core and your posterior muscles. If you do the exercise in a proper way, it will isolate and strengthen not just the gluteal muscles but also your hamstrings, abs, and lower back.

Reverse plank is an intermediate level exercise, and it should be performed carefully. It also enhances posture, balance, and flexibility.

Reverse planks not only enhance your physical appearance but also maintain mental health and improve your mood. If you perform this exercise on a regular basis and in a proper way, you will notice the brilliant results after three weeks: you will have a beautiful flat belly, strong arms, toned glutes and thighs, and healthy back.

How to Do Reverse Plank

Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you;
Position your hands on the floor slightly behind your hips;
Press your palms on the ground, and lift your hips and torso toward the ceiling like a leg lift;
Look up to the ceiling, point your toes, and keep your arms and legs straight;
Keep your entire body strong, and maintain a straight bodyline.

How long reverse plank should I do a day?

Hold as long as you can. For beginners, 20-30 seconds will be sufficient, as you get stronger perform the exercise for a minute. Do three sets three-four times a week. You will notice the first visible results after a couple of weeks. You should perform properly if you fail, it is better to stop the exercise otherwise, you do not gain any benefits of it.


  • Do not allow your head, shoulders or hips to drop;
  • Do not forget to breathe during the exercise;
  • Do not perform this exercise if you have back problems;
  • Always warm up before exercising, and focus on holding proper form during the exercise.