Both products shakeology vs visalus shakes are highly popular among people, who are into healthy lifestyle or are losing weight. The great thing about both of them is that you can save much of your time and effort when applying to them in your diet. The thing is that you should make your diet nutritious but low-calorie if you want to stay healthy. And this is a challenge for most of us, as it is much easier to grab something like a donat at work. Well, according to expertratedreviews  visalus shake vs shakeology are both tasty and nutritious ways to substitute your unhealthy snacks.

So, what vi shape shakes vs shakeology can offer us? Let us consider their pros and cons comparing visalus shake and shakeology.

Pros Of Shakology

  • Weight loss program. Shakology has their own weight loss program, which is quite popular considering that it is free. Besides, they have a great support due to their distribution system, which is convenient and time-saving for those who start their healthy living with shakology products.
  • With 160 calories, shakology makes it easy for you to replace a meal or two while you are following your low-calorie diet. Most people want their meal replacements to contain high amount of proteins and small amount of calories.

Cons Of Shakology

  • Low in protein. As for a protein shake, shakology has a low level of protein – only 17 g, while effective number starts at 20. Nevertheless, it works fine if you use it as a supplement.
  • It is not easy to find really unbiased reviews on shakology, but if you find such, you see that most of them say about time and money loss.
  • The thing is that product is rather expensive as for a shake and should be much more effective for such a price.

Pros Of Visalus

  • No addiction. It does not contain probiotics or prebiotics as it aims at teaching your body work effectively and not relaying on supplements all the time. Not to mention that it contains more than 23 vitamins which make 30% of the product.
  • Sugar free. Even comparing to Shakology, Visalus has a tiny amount of sugar in it. It is less than 1 g. Well, sugar free products have less damage on our health and may become a part of your healthy diet. Big amounts of sugar may destroy your microflora, which leads to candida based diseases, may lead to obesity and may affect your teeth.
  • Visalus is less expensive than competing product mentioned above. It is almost three times cheaper.

Cons Of Visalus

  • Considering Visalus marketing, it is likely that they push you to become a distributor. Actually, Shakology has the same strategy but they do not call it distributing directly. They make it sound more pleasant like “becoming a coach”.
  • Artificial flavors. Visalus do not pretend they use fresh fruits in their shakes. They honestly put artificial flavors into its content. The thing is that this is their way to make the product sugar free but tasty. This is how it works.
  • This is a great product itself. It is popular in many cultures and can even substitute meat if you are a vegetarian. The problem is that 99% of soy nowadays contains GMO, so you cannot be sure about the future effect on your health. Well, this is a quite global issue. The actual amount of soy in the product is too small to make any damage.