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How to Do Side Lunge – Benefits, Variations, Workout Routines

2-3 sets of 30-60 seconds /day
5 min

Muscles Involved: LegButtGlute

Benefits of Side Lunge

Summer is coming and it is high time to tone your body and make it beautiful. Lunges are the basic exercises if you want to work out your glutes and legs. If traditional lunges are boring, it is time to replace them by other variations. One of the variations is side lunge. Side lunges allow you to work on your hips, glutes and thighs, hamstrings and calves, and strengthen your core as well.

However, it may be difficult for beginners but it is effective. You can perform it anywhere, you do not need any fancy equipment. If you want to gain benefits, like from any other exercises, you should perform side lunges in a proper way.

Regular and proper performance of this exercise will bring your brilliant results – your legs and glutes will be toned and beautiful. Be ready for men’s glances! Moreover, you will become stronger, healthier and happier.

How to Do Side Lunge

  • The initial position: stand straight with your feet narrower than shoulder width. Hold your hands on your hips;
  • Lower your body down by brining your hips down and then bending your left knee. Make sure that your right leg is straight;
  • Then, shift your weight onto your right leg without lifting your body back up to the starting position.

How many side lunges should I do per day?

Do as many side lunges as needed according to your workout routine or workout plan. Firstly, do this exercise for 30 seconds, then as you get stronger perform it for a minute. Do 2-3 sets three-four times a week.


  • Warm up before lunges! This exercise engages many muscles and joints – they should be ready for the workout;
  • You can do lunges using body weight alone. Use kettlebells or dumbbells held in each hand if you want to increase the load;
  • Throughout the exercise, you can put your hands on your hips or you can hold your hand in front of you for balance;
  • Focus on keeping your body straight.

Lunge Variations

Side Lunge Workout Routines

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