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How to Do Superman Exercise – Benefits, Useful Tips

Superman Exercise
Reps – 3x30sec /day
6-10 min

Muscles Involved: BackHipsButt

Benefits of Superman Exercise

Superman exercise is one of the most simple but effective exercises to train and strengthen the lower back. The belly and back area are the most problematic zones of the body for most people. They torture themselves with different exercises that don’t give the desired effect. A lot of coaches argue that superman is the most effective and useful exercise for flat belly and slender waist, and in addition, it strengthens the back muscles.

In terms of safety, the superman exercise is technically much safer than other exercises to train the lower back (for example deadlifts). When performing superman, much less load is concentrated on the intervertebral discs, so the risk of injury is virtually zero. However, the exercise should be taken seriously as it’s very intense and much more difficult than it might seem. While exercising, don’t forget to strain the buttocks, don’t turn your head and keep it on the same line with the body.

Superman exercise has a great advantage – you don’t need any special equipment to perform it. This exercise can be done both at gym and at home. Regular superman exercises will bring only benefits to your health, help you to lose extra kilos and make your body toned, slim and beautiful.

How to Do Superman Exercise

  • The initial position: get on the floor face down and pull the hands forward. The head is slightly raised;
  • Lift your legs and chest off the floor as high as possible, straining your back muscles. Try to keep arms and legs parallel to each other;
  • Hold the tension at the high point for 2-3 seconds and then slowly lower legs and arms back to the initial position;

How many Superman Exercises should I do per day?

Do as many exercises as needed in accordance to your workout plan. In general, if you perform superman exercise in 3 sets of 30 reps every day, you will get visible results in 2 weeks.


  • Strain your waist to increase the efficiency of exercise. Don’t forget to breathe properly;
  • You can do superman exercise barefoot. You may place your arms along the body to reduce the intensity;
  • Also, you can perform this exercise raising only one arm and a leg at the same time. First, lift your arm and leg from the left side then do the same with the right side;

Superman Exercise results

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