During the summer, you may be planning for the backyard barbeques, summer weddings or holiday getaways. You will always want to have a young and healthy look with a brighter new smile. Therefore, you may wish to look for methods that will help to whiten your teeth. There are different methods used for whitening the teeth. As follows are other methods that can be used for whitening your teeth.

Over The Counter Treatment

OTC uses kinds of toothpaste for this treatment. This method improves the teeth color by removing stains of foods and drinks on teeth. Their whitening power comes from ingredients which cut through surface stains. It is advantageous as teeth treated with this method do not get affected by cold foods during summer

In-Practice Procedure

The office whitening treatment uses a high percentage of treatment which works for a short time. This procedure can be done once a year. In this process, the gum is covered by a safety barrier and the solution is applied to the teeth. This is an effective dental practice that can help you to achieve the white teeth.

Using Custom Trays

The custom strays are used for whitening booth the upper and the lower teeth. The custom strays are made in a dental office where the dentist prescribes the lightening solution for use at home. This method enables to get the white teeth within ten days. Using the LED whitening kits can help you get white teeth. We aren’t going to cover LED kits in this article, but if you are interested you can read here.

Enhance Your Oral Health Routine

With a healthy smile, you will have a beautiful look. When you want sparkling teeth during the summer, you need to begin with an excellent oral healthcare routine.  It is recommendable that you brush your teeth twice in a day, it’s also best that you should brush your teeth every time after taking a meal. This is a great way that will help preventing tooth decay. Also, you should never forget to floss as this helps to prevent gingivitis thus keeping your teeth more healthy. Flossing should be your regular dental hygiene it ensures that you get healthy gum and teeth. This is because brushing alone will not help to get rid the lodged food particles left between the teeth

Quit Smoking

Smoking is dangerous for your oral health, and also it leaves some stains on your teeth. These stains cannot be removed at ease since the cigarettes contain a tar that leaves a dark residue on the teeth. The nicotine in the cigarettes leaves a yellowish coat tint on the dental enamel once it gets into contact with the oxygen. Therefore, through avoiding smoking, you can get a pearly white smile.

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