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The 7 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy

reduce belly fat after pregnancy

If there is question new moms ask is how to get rid of that belly fat. Most mothers might be really excited to reduce ‘The mummy tummy’ which doesn’t look great neither does it feel so. Here are a few pointers that will help you hit the ground running!

Get checked

A post-pregnant woman who wants to reduce belly fat has to get checked by a midwife, doctor or physical therapist for a condition called Diastasis Recti. As experts put it, “as your tummy expands the connective tissue gets really stretched out, making the rectus abdominis (Six-pack muscles)  pull apart and divide vertically through the middle. If healing doesn’t occur one can end up with a gap that takes time to close without treatment.

Diastasis Recti appears like a ‘loaf of bread’ like lump protruding from the midline becoming prominent when coughing or sitting up. This necessitates for a checkup before indulging in other ways to reduce belly fat to get advice on how to fix the condition.

reduce belly fat after pregnancy - a new mom with a centimeter

Breastfeed your baby

Other than the many benefits breastfeeding offers infants, it also helps you reduce post pregnancy tummy. Here is how- “breast milk contains 20 calories per ounce“, and pediatrics go farther to explain that, “if you feed your newborn 20 ounces a day, that is almost 400 calories you have released from your body“. Consult the doctor and begin to breastfeeding to reduce belly fat.

Take a walk

When it comes to reducing belly fat, walking has to be the easiest most natural way. Japanese researchers have found out that walking improves the mood of the pregnant women and over time will help you recover from the frequent soreness, headaches and body aches. As you get better, be consistent and strive to walk regularly increasing your speed, this backed by researcher Arthur Weltman,”Rigorous exercise raises levels of fat burning hormones“. The great part is that you can also take your little one out for the walk. Using a baby carrier if you want to walk with your baby.

walking with a baby

Healthy eating

As a new mother, you focus should be mainly on both your child and yourself and it is, therefore, crucial for a mother to maintain a healthy diet in order to produce milk. Trust your nutritionists and take those many leafy veggies, green tea, spices etc. This goes a major milestone to sweep away toxins from your body and cut a chunk from that mummy tummy.

Work out

Exercise is a common way to reduce belly fat, but before beginning, consult your doctor to establish which techniques you must avoid. Sneak in some working out minutes, especially when the baby is taking a nap. At least 20 minutes of strength and cardio workouts is recommended. Use a combination of strength training that targets multiple muscle areas including the core (plank rows, push-ups, squats, abdominal crunches, tricep dips, Russsian twists etc).

Get some rest

New mothers mind find it hard to get a good sleep but if luck comes your way, have a good rest because the lack of this causes toxin build up in your system and more fat tends to settle in your body causing inflammation. This is completely against what we are crusading against so get as much rest as you can.

reduce belly fat after pregnancy - getting rest

Try Belly Wraps

Wearing a belly wrap or a girdle is good for mothers who have delivered as it cramps the abs and could help shrink your uterus which flattens your belly and one more useful thing it does, is provide back support. You can use a soft cloth to wrap your midsection or purchase a readily available belly wrap in the market.

These ways are the best time-tested ways to reduce belly fat. Be consistent and watch as the results quickly unfold. Good Luck!

This post is written by “Healthy Baby Happy Earth” website.

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