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10 Tips You Should Learn for Effective Weight Loss

10 tips for effective weight loss

In the struggle with excess weight, we suggest you the main weight loss tips. These weight loss tips in combination with a workout plan, good mood, and proper nutrition will make your way to a beautiful body pleasant end easy.

1. Take away the scales, get a tape measure

When losing weight, we usually focus on our kilos. In fact, size and your own feelings are more important. If you got “pre-pregnancy” jeans out of the closet or  managed to fit in a favorite dress of your student days – it means you are on the right track.

Weight loss tips: get a tape measure

2. If the weight stays the same  the ice has started to melt

It is not necessary to jump on the scales day after day and celebrate the 300 grams loss victory or get upset if there is no results at all. Our body is a complex multi-component system, and each of its components has its own weight. The numbers on the scales exist just to enable the brain process and confirm that everything is in order – the body is in good shape. Therefore, if your weight stays the same do not panic. Just be patient. Your body works, step-by-step losing hated kilos. There is a renovation of the body: hundreds of meters of blood capillaries, which supplied the burned fat, must go somewhere else. Give your body time to get used to the new rules.

3. You cannot go over your head

Loosing 70 grams of fat per day (150 maximum) is a real result for those, who have started to struggle with overweight. You cannot go over your head: the rest losses occur due to metabolic processes in the body and water exchange. Should you lose weight at their expense?

Weight loss tips: do not go over your head

4. The one, who sleeps well is a better weight loser

8 hours sleep is the ideal condition for those who want to lose weight. Sleep is important, and night sleep – is double important. Remember, that fat gets burned during the night. Also during the night your immune system works actively, and regenerating processes get started. While sleeping your body fixes the daily achievements.

People, who have little sleep, are more likely to suffer from cancer, their lifespan is shorter, and they look older (ceteris paribus). They lose weight harder than those, who sleep well and enough.

5. Good metabolism – a key element

Actually, you cannot completely attribute the metabolism to the weight loss tips, but metabolism is an essential element for the weight loss process. It is necessary to monitor the quality of your stool, because the percentage of fat in the diet decreases. If there is a problem, that disturbs you – get a habit to drink fish oil or vegetable oil on an empty stomach. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of water (boiled and war on an empty stomach) and fiber.

Weight loss tips: good metabolism


6. In order to lose weight you need to eat

This one is the best of the weight loss tips! It officially gives you the right to eat. Choose protein foods: protein – 40%, fat – 15%, complex carbohydrates – 45%. Why are these numbers so important? Our body is composed of cells (muscles, organs, and nerves), fats and water. The decent “standard of living” of the cells – is a pledge of youth and vigor of the body, good health and good looking. Its daily maintenance takes about 70 kcal, so the cells (active cell mass, ACM) need to be “fed”. And protein is responsible for it.

7. One, two, three, four  leg up, hands down

If you decide to lose weight – sport has to become your best friend. Eating healthy food will not solve all your problems. You need physical activity – gymnastics, yoga, HIIT – any sort of activity that would make your muscles work.

With regular exercises, you create favorable conditions for the digestion of protein foods, and thus for the maintenance of the decent standard of ACM. Do you want your body to live in the luxury “cells-rooms”? Then move it! Give it the first place among all weight loss tips.

Weight loss tips: regular exercises

8. Drink, drink, and again drink!

We all know about the life-giving properties of water. The more you drink – the longer you live. Regular consumption of water increases the elasticity of the skin, improves the complexion, relieves dryness and flaking, and even solves problems with digestion. Nothing has the same lifting effect as a glass of water!
Weight loss tips: regular consumption of water

9. Food is not an entertainment! Look for some other fun!

Often, our circle of pleasure goes around the food. On holidays we arrange a hearty feast with friends. We prefer meetings not in the parks, but in cafes. We usually reduce stress not with the help of conversations, but with the help of big piece of chocolate cake. That is not right! Expand the range of your pleasures: theater, dance, swimming pool, long walks, plain talking with a friend, crafting and even a bath with rose petals.

10. A diet does not change life the attitude does

Slimness is not the weight, it is a state of the body. And our body has a right to be happy. Have you seen the skinny fat? When the weight seems to be small, but the body look chubby and senile. Simply losing weight is not enough. You need to support your body in that new weight. Being happy is impossible if you do not learn how to be it. You will not lose weight if you do not get comfortable in your new weight. Do not be afraid to say goodbye to your new body – the excess weight may be back. Losing weight must become a new lifestyle. You will need to invest energy, redirect it and learn to manage your time and money. Today, tomorrow, every day, always!

Now you know, how to lose weight using these weight loss tips. Just do it. As you make the first step – the only thing left – go till the end!

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