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Top-9 High Fiber Foods

Top-9 High Fiber Foods

How to keep your waist thin and the feeling of satiety long lasting? You think that prunes, salad, and carrots are going to help? Here is the list of top-9 foods high in fiber, which plays an important role in the digestion process: ensures intestinal activity and prevents fats storage.

1 Pears

The majority of people don’t know that pears contain more fiber than prunes. One mid-sized pear has 5 g of fiber, while prunes have only 3 g! Besides, there is more fructose in a pear than glucose (as you probably know, fructose doesn’t need insulin to be digested), so this fruit is also healthy in case of pancreas dysfunction. Fresh and dried pears and pear beverages are included in the diets for obesity and diabetes treatment.

high fiber foods - pears

2 Pistachio Nuts

In comparison with other nuts, pistachio nuts contain the least amount of calories and fats. Instead, 10 g of pistachio nuts have at least 1 g of fiber. American scientists learned that in order to increase arteries elasticity and to lower cholesterol level 8.5% down one should eat 70-80 g of pistachio nuts a day. These nuts can be eaten separately or added to porridge, yoghurt, bakery, or sauces – the way of cooking doesn’t change the effect.

high fiber foods - pistachio nuts

 3 Berries

Almost all berries are a great source of fiber. 1 cup of rich with antioxidants raspberries contains 8 g of fiber and only 60 calories. The undeniable advantage of raspberry is that it tolerates conservation, frying, and boiling without losing its healthy elements. Besides, it is the only berry one has no need to wash before eating. The reason is in the highest antibacterial elements activity. Mix berries with grained cereals and you will have nutritional and very healthy dessert!

high fiber foods - berries

 4 Artichokes

One artichoke contains 6 g of carbos and only 50 calories; that is why this interesting vegetable is irreplaceable in diets for diabetes treatment and during hunger therapy. Though, keep in mind that if you suffer from gastritis with lowered gastric juice acidity or from lowered blood pressure you shouldn’t eat artichokes. Dishes from artichokes are very healthy for those who suffer from heartburn and digestion problems because the vegetable includes a lot of calcium and sodium salts.

high fiber foods - artichokes

 5 Lentil

You probably don’t know that, but one cup of lentil soup contains 16 g of fiber – 16 times more than a plate of chicken soup with noodles! Lentil is a unique source of iron and zinc. That is why it increases (if included to the menu) human capacity for work and body resistance to various diseases. An incredible lentil quality is that it doesn’t accumulate nitrates, radionuclides, and other toxic elements, so it is considered to be a green product.

high fiber foods - lentil

 6 Edamame

Edamame is the name for young soy beans that are gathered before ripening. They can be found either in pods or shelled. Very often edamame is served as an appetizer (as an alternative to meat) in Japanese restaurants. 80 g of beans in pods contain 100 calories and only 5 g of fats, which makes this product a really healthy appetizer. By the way, edamame is one of Madonna’s tours rider requests.

high fiber foods - edamame

 7 Popcorn

Popcorn is a full of valuable grain product and a source of high-quality carbos; it is low in calories. One portion of popcorn (without butter, but with spices) contains 33 kcal, with vegetable oil – 133 kcal. Popcorn is very nourishing, doesn’t spoil one’s appetite since it is quick on evacuation from the stomach. But its main advantage is that it contains a lot of fiber – about 4 g in one portion.

high fiber foods - popcorn

 8 Cereals

A bowl of cereals with pieces of fruit and berries is a marvelous opportunity to eat 14 g of fiber in the morning. For example, a saucer of porridge covers ¼ of the daily human need of fiber. What is more, starch that can be found in oats is digested slowly, ensuring the feeling of satiety during a long period of time. That is why porridge for breakfast is a “must eat” for those who is scared of excess weight.

high fiber foods - cereals

 9 Whole Grain Bread

Coarse grain bread is a source of fiber, microelements, and elements that won’t be found in a plain flour: all these substances are destroyed during the milling to the first-rate flour. The healthiest is rye bread. It is low in calories, and rich in fiber that, in its turn, lowers blood sugar and cleanses the digestive tract. Rye bread is a part of many medical diets, 2 or 3 slices a day stabilize stomach functioning.

high fiber foods - whole grain bread


According to dietitians, fiber plays a vital role in the human ration. It is a vegetable matter that isn’t really digested but goes as transit goods. And it doesn’t just pass by, but takes all the toxins, food remnants, and fats and gets them out of our bodies. The beneficial effect of fiber increases when people keep the water schedule as well – drink 3 pints of water a day.

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