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Total Buttocks Workout Routine – Best Glute Exercise For The Sexy Booty!

circles – 2-3
time – 10-15 minutes
Evident result – 4 weeks
  • Workout plan: 3 circles every other day, 4 weeks

This beginner level butt workout routine may become a true help for those, who want to get their butt toned in no time. The routine consists of the most effective exercises which engage the glute muscles that help to shape up your buttocks and legs. These exercises are of different intensity. They are combined in order to make the routine possible to fulfill, engaging different types of muscles into work at keeping up to the rhythm of the workout.

The effect of fulfilling depends on the initial state of your physical form. The most noticeable it would be with the lower body fat level. It is recommended to combine this workout routine with cardio workouts and stretching. You will not only strengthen your glutes and shape a perfect butt but also compensate the need of your body in physical load our leg and butt muscles are intended to get. Exercising improves the blood circulation of the lower part of the body and reduces cellulite and the risk of varicosity.

Total Buttocks Workout Routine

1. Squats

Muscles engaged: hamstring, posterior group of thigh muscles, buttocks


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward to the side. Body weight on the heels;
  • Taps pelvis back, then bend your knees. Flex waist. Back straight. The pelvis goes slightly below the knee;
  • As you exhale, return to the starting position.

2. Lunges

Muscles engaged: calves, buttocks, back of the thigh muscles, quadriceps


  • Starting position – standing straight (you may use the dumbbell if you feel like);
  • Take a step forward; put right foot in 2 steps forward, keeping the body straight. As you inhale – get your body down.


When the body goes down, pay attention that the knee does not go beyond the big toe, otherwise it creates a heavy load for the knee.
Make sure that your shin is perpendicular to the floor.
As you exhale, make the effort for the feet (the heel mainly), lift the body to the starting position.
Do the recommended number of repetitions, and then do the same exercise for the left leg.

3. Standing Hip Abduction (Lateral Leg Lift)

Muscles engaged: gluteus medius muscle, small gluteal muscle


  • Starting position – stand straight, arms on waist;
  • Inhale and lift the leg to the side as high as possible, then go back to its starting position;
  • Exhale by the end of the motion.


To be effective, repeat the exercise to fatigue.
For the additional load you may use the leg weights.
Switch legs.

4. Kneel Kickbacks (Glute Press)

Muscles engaged: sciatic-popliteal muscle and gluteus maximus


  • Starting position – knee-elbow, relying on the elbows and forearms;
  • Breathe in and kick the bent in the knee leg back and upwards, as high as you can;
  • Return to the starting position on the exhale;


The upper phase movement in this exercise can be performed with smaller or bigger amplitudes.
The end of the movement can be delayed for 1-2 seconds in the isometric tension.
For more intensity, you may use leg weights.

5. Bridge

Muscles engaged: gluteus maximus, oblique

This exercise gives perfect result for the glutes, but also shapes your abs and strengthens your back muscles.


  • Starting position – supine, with feet shoulder-width apart, bent in the knees;
  • Result and the conditions, first results, routine plan.


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