5 Things You Need to Know if You’re Trying to Get Fit!

Brushing of teeth is a habit that was cultivated in most of us when we were little, and we have lived with it for life. On the contrary, maintaining a healthy and fit body is a different story. We can attest we have embraced habits that don`t promote fitness and it`s challenging, at the very least to let go of them.

However, it does not need to be so. Whether you’ve fallen out of your routine or looking for the perfect opportunity to make your sweat sessions more effective, there`s no right time to re-dial your habit. You can do it now. A few small teaks in your daily routine is all you need to help you get started.

Don`t know where to start? Read on as we explore the five essential things you need to know if you`re trying to get fit.

1. Always Stay Fit for Yourself

If you`re looking to get fit, do it for yourself. Do not set your eyes on fitness goals that have nothing to do with your health or body.

Sure, you might decide to get so that you can look good to your friends or old schoolmates during the next school reunion, but that will be it- after the reunion, you`ll fall back to your sedentary lifestyle.

Research has shown that individuals who are “externally motivated”- that is individuals who will hit the gym to avoid critique or to have a positive appraisal from others do not stick to their routine.

On the other hand, individuals who are “internally motivated,” or those who get into a fitness regime because they love it and want to make the best from themselves, health-wise, are ones that stick in it in the long run.

So, before getting into fitness, ask yourself why you`re doing it. What do you plan to achieve from the fitness? It`s essential that you remain focused on yourself, your journey and why you`re doing it.

2. Always Set Smart Goals

If you`re looking to maximize on your fitness efforts, you need to set smart and specific goals. Consider two individuals who are getting into a fitness regime; individual one sets a goal like losing weight, while individual two sets a goal like losing 10 pounds in three weeks by eating superfoods that help you loose weight. Of the two, which one do you think is more likely to achieve their goals?

See, setting vague goals, like individuals one with no specific details about the time frame, amount of muscles to lose or even how to lose the weight will in most cases result to failure.

Conversely, if you`re looking to get fit, you should set similar goals to individual two. Set specific, measurable, realistic, achievable, and time-bound goals. This way you`ll be able to establish an easy to follow and stick to your fitness program.

Beyond that, setting a specific fitness goal is easier as it will allow you to visualize what needs to be done, and even how to get there.

3. You`ll Need to Choose a Enjoyable Workout

Do you know why many often fail to stick to their fitness regime? Because they choose an activity that they don`t enjoy doing.

In most cases, individuals get into a program because it’s either trending or heard from their friend how it`s working for them.

ASCVS asserts that the fastest way to lose track is choosing a fitness program that you`re not enthusiastic about, or don’t yearn to do it after the end of the day.

So, before you dip your feet into the world of fitness, it`s crucial that you analyze your options carefully, and choose a program that you love.

4. Variety

In light of what we’ve discussed above, it’s also crucial that you diversify your options. Regardless of how appealing a program is, you’ll surely lose interest in it, with time. And once you do, you’re more likely to stop the fitness program altogether.

So, instead, spice your fitness program with different exercises. You can do, cardio for day one, strength training for day two, weight lifting for day three and so on.

Beyond keeping yourself on track, variety will help you achieve a complete body fitness.


Because different exercises engage different muscle groups, and so by performing a variety of exercises, you`ll be working on different muscle groups every day.

5. Let Water be a Close Companion

The importance of water cannot be overlooked in any fitness program. A typical fitness program will always result in sweating, and therefore, you`ll need to drink water to replenish your body. Or better yet a refreshing shake from Shakeology that can help replenish lost vitamins.

Besides that, water is handy is flushing out the otherwise would-be harmful toxins from the body.

This is not to mention that dehydration can have severe effects on your immune system, and it would be no need to do exercises if your body is frail.

Ideally, you should carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go, and drink water even when you`re not thirsty.


Starting on a fitness program is a crucial decision. However, it does not need to be overwhelming. By following the above tips, you`ll develop a fitness habit that is easy to follow and stick.