Using Your Instagram to Get Fit and Healthy

You can use Instagram for a whole lot of activities nowadays. Fitness and health are some of these activities. You can develop a whole new community of individuals who motivate one another to attain particular goals through Instagram. Building this community does not have to be difficult. They will help you to set up and account, and give you strategies on how to curate it in a manner that attracts as many relevant followers as possible.

While Instagram in itself will not get you fit and healthy, it has its use of helping in your journey of getting fit and healthy. Here are some of the ways you can use Instagram to get fit and healthy.

Open A Fitness And Health Account

You need to first open an Instagram account dedicated to fitness and health. On this account you can post pictures and videos of your training. Your followers get to see this and encourage you to keep going or give you suggestions and ideas. Even though your account will be dedicated for the purpose of getting fit and healthy, you can throw in a bit of personal flair to make it interesting once in a while.

Have A Schedule

You will need to be very organized to create time to exercise and manage your account. A schedule works well if your days are full of other activities. When training, make sure you have someone who can take videos and photos that you can later use to show your fans and followers. If you make it a habit to train at a particular set time and post those work out at a set time every other day, you will amass a clique of loyal followers who will help to motivate and encourage you on this journey.

Post Regularly

Irrespective of what you use your Instagram account for, you need to post and post on a regular basis. Take videos and pictures and post as much as you can. Ensure that your audience always sees your progress and listen to your fans. They will tell you when you are slagging and point out when you are doing well. Others can even help you with helpful suggestions like suggesting different variations or correcting your form. Just make sure you keep posting and interacting.

Following Fitness Enthusiasts

If you are just starting out in your journey of getting fit and healthy, and you have no idea where to start from, finding and following fitness enthusiasts and professionals can be a great way of getting yourself started. There are so many accounts dedicated to fitness and health. Find and follow those suited for beginners if you are a beginner or others depending on what you want to achieve. These enthusiasts will give you programs and push you through helping you get fit and healthy. You can also just train virtually with them.

Before And After Photos And Videos

Posting before and after photos to motivate yourself is a good way of utilizing Instagram for fitness and health. Try and take these and much as possible. Videos show you how far you’ve come as you struggle to achieve more. For instance, you can take videos doing push-ups when starting and see the progress you make with time in the number of repetitions.

Join Fitness And Health Groups

Training alone requires a lot of discipline and motivation. However, if you join a group, you have to keep up with it whether you like it or not. If you lack that self-drive to train alone, then consider joining a fitness and health group where you follow a prescribed program. You will always feel the need to keep up with everyone else hence pushing yourself.

Tracking Your Progress

You can use your Instagram account to track your progress. Those photos and videos that you post every day will show you after a while if you are making any progress. If it is planks you like doing, you will show the progress you are making by gradually increasing the time you spend holding on to a plank. You also get to see any muscular gains you have acquired over time and the weight you have managed to shed over time.

Take the step today to open that account and get the most out it. Remember though, that ultimately, it is you to push yourself more if you want to achieve any gains.