Vegan diet and weight loss – the concepts, that are often equated. Indeed, the caloric value of plant food is much lower than that of animal products. A vegan diet implies  the use of products rich in fiber, which helps our intestines and restores the process of digestion. The result is obvious – excess weight is not accumulated.

Vegetarianism is a nutrition system, that excludes the consumption of meat. The followers of the adjacent flow veganism – which is both the practice and an associated philosophy – reject the consumption of all animal products (animal milk, cheese, eggs etc.)

Veganism and Weight Loss

Both of these notions mean compliance with a diet. The plant foods, consumed by vegans, contain fewer calories and fats – the worst enemies of a beautiful body. A good shape, apart from good attitude to the animals, may be the reason for becoming a vegan, temporarily or permanently. If you go vegan, you will not lose your weight very fast but it will turn out to be much easier. The longer you will keep to a vegan diet and resist the “animal” nutrition style, the better will be the result.

Fruits and vegetables include many vitamins and minerals. Everybody knows that plant foods contribute to the normalization of all processes in the body. Also, fruits and vegetables contain useful carbohydrates, which give us the necessary energy for the whole day. Choose foods rich in carbohydrates for breakfast!

You should know that if you eat a lot of meat and decide to start a vegan diet for weight loss – do it gradually and slowly. Your body needs to get used to different foods. The transition to the new method of nutrition should be carried out within 1-2 weeks, gradually reducing the share of animal products. vegetarian diet

Disadvantages of Vegan Diet

The main disadvantage of vegan diet is the lack of protein, which serves for the formation of body cells and muscles. Protein consumes a lot of energy during its assimilation and thus helps to burn excess fat.

A vegetarian diet lowers the blood cholesterol, but it increases the level of sugar in blood and therefore the level of insulin. So, you need to monitor closely your diet, choosing foods with a low glycemic index, even though it is inconvenient and can cause problems with the formation of a full ration.

Veganism by itself have a little effect on weight loss. Of course you will lose weight little by little, but only if you limit the caloric value of eaten foods. See our article on the top 15 super foods here.

Disadvantages of Vegan Diet

Advantages of a Vegan Diet

  • veganism tames appetite. As previously mentioned, the diet without meat includes plenty of foods rich in fiber, which saturate perfectly and don’t contribute to overeating. As a result – you eat less;
  • vegetarian meals really lower cholesterol levels and reduce the number of harmful additives, entering into our body with meat;
  • vegan diet refers to the low-fat diets, so you lose weight consistently and logically.

Veganism – it is not just a diet, but a way of life. So it is likely that you can easily save your progress after losing weight and won’t bring it back because you will eat almost the same food as you have eaten during your diet.

Advantages of a Vegan Diet

How to Start a Vegan Diet for Weight Loss? 5 Simple Tips

If you become a vegan, much things will change. Therefore it is necessary to take the new lifestyle seriously. The process of transition to veganism will be easy if you really understand the reasons and follow these tips:

  1. take care of your health. Any important change always takes time to be adopted. If you are going to be vegetarian or vegan it is better for you not to have any serious illnesses;
  2. you should constantly learn. It would be better for you to gain knowledge about nutrition, examine the connection between health and diet before going vegan. You do not need to become an expert in the field of nutrition, but if you will be familiar with the rules of a balanced diet, you will realize what is right for you;
  3. do not hurry while cooking and eating. Indeed, fast food is very popular today. However, you will discover a new world of taste and lose weight if you cook meals and salads, choosing high-quality products and studying a variety of healthy recipes;
  4. find people with common interests. Their experience will give you an excellent support and inspiration to continue you own vegan diet;
  5. make a plan of vegan diet and keep to it. You should listen to your own body and discover different food variations. In fact, the more information you learn about the useful properties of vegan diet, the more you get involved in this.

Over time, you will get used to a new diet, strengthen your health and get your body in shape so you have the happiest body possible. You will not want to come back to the previous lifestyle again! You will love yourself!