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Weight Loss with Green Tea – Does it Really Work?

Weight loss with green tea

There are many ways to keep you fit and toned. There are many ways, that may help you on your challenging road to the healthy lifestyle and slim body. This time we will talk about wonderful properties of green tea. We will talk about weight loss with green tea. One of the reasons why we believe in green tea is a huge number of confirmed studies.

Green tea contains the high level of polyphenols, which destroy the body-destructive cells of free radicals produced in the process of digestion. They also protect the body cells from aging. Polyphenols activate metabolism and burn excess fat inside the cells. Green tea is the leader in the activity of antioxidants, leaving behind vitamin C and tocopherol. Plus green tea is rich in B vitamins, ascorbic acid, K and PP vitamins, fluoride. Fluoride is useful for our teeth, especially if you rinse your mouth with tea for a couple of minutes. Green tea has copper, manganese, a little zinc, which is useful for the eyes and nails. It is considered to be a very strong warrior fighting against free radicals. This drink help to cope with many diseases. But can it help us to lose weight? Yes, green tea contains caffeine, which speeds up metabolism. Caffeine in green tea neither increase heart rate nor raise blood pressure. This makes tea effective in speeding up metabolism, even if you do not take caffeine at all.

 Weight loss with green tea

American Journal studies of Clinical Nutrition confirm, that caffeine in green tea helps to burn fat more than it does in coffee. This study was carried out by different people with different lifestyles and different degrees of obesity. There were three groups of participants. The first group received a green tea extract. The second group received a placebo (dummy), and the third group – the caffeine of coffee. All participants were on a diet and did the same sets of exercises. Participants, who took a green tea extract, had a metabolic rate 41% higher than in the other groups.

Weight loss with green tea

 Green tea improves metabolism

It is also proved that green tea helps to burn fat interacting with polyphenols and other chemicals of the body, which enhance fat oxidation and thermogenesis. This means that consumption of green tea considerably improves metabolism, metabolic processes, fat burning for energy production and as a consequence – we lose weight. Another advantage of green tea is regulation of blood sugar level in our body. This reduces the body’s ability to retain fat. For losing weight, it is recommended to drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day. Drinking green tea is a perfect way to correct our figure, due to the activation of metabolism in the body and the release of salt, heavy metals, and various kinds of intestinal toxins. Tea activates their elimination from the body and their processing in the liver.

Green tea improves metabolism

Green tea suppresses appetite

Green tea has another great feature for weight loss – it mildly suppresses appetite. If you want to eat – drink a cup of green tea (without sugar and sweets) and appetite will disappear for a couple of hours. So it is easy to fight against hunger, especially if you drink tea half an hour before a hearty lunch or dinner. Green tea has almost no calories. It reduces weight gently and smoothly due to the activation of costs and suppression of irrepressible appetite. And also green tea calms our nerves, lowers blood pressure and normalizes heart functioning. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system and improves  our mood.

Green tea supresses apetite

Slimming methods with green tea

There are several methods of losing weight with green tea – a diet and a fasting day. A ten-day diet with green tea involves low-calorie meals (you can borrow them from any suitable diet or make your own) and green tea. It is better to drink tea during meals – breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, – and between them. But after 6 p.m. green tea may cause bad sleep because of the great amount of caffeine. Drink it 6 times a day, combining with proper nutrition. You can mix one cup a day with a teaspoon of honey or milk. Drinking tea, you will notice a significant decrease in appetite, so you will eat less and in the same time you will  get a lot of vitamins and minerals. It will cheer you up – you will lose weight without feelings of hunger and stress! On the average, with low-calorie food and green tea, you can easily and naturally lose 3-4 kilos.

Weight loss with green tea: Slimming methods with green tea

Fasting day with green tea

There is a fasting program with green tea, if you want to get into tight jeans or an evening dress – but for no more than one day! The essence of the program is to drink green tea brewed with milk (a pinch of tea per 1 liter of milk). If you do not like milk, you can just make green tea and add milk to it before drinking. You need to drink 2-2,5 liters of such a drink a day. If you are tired of a tea flavor, you can add honey a couple of times a day. On the average, due to the diuretic effect of green tea and fast metabolism you can lose up to 2 kilograms. It is not too hard to be on this fasting day, milk and tea give a feeling of satiety.

Fasting day with green tea


Weight loss with green tea: contradictionsWith all the wonderful properties, green tea has its contradictions, especially in dietary purposes and large volumes. Green tea has the ability to lower blood pressure. So, avoid drinking it, when suffer from low blood pressure. Also, due to caffeine and increased metabolism the diet is not recommended for people with heart diseases and hypertension.

You should not drink it, if there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases, fevers, and digestive diseases, especially if there is an increased acidity of the stomach, or intestine and ulcerative lesions of the stomach. Pregnant and nursing women should refuse from green tea for weight loss, because of caffeine. Green tea is contraindicated for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, gout, glaucoma, insomnia, and overexcitement. However, it is incompatible with alcohol – this connection damages the kidneys.

The recipe of the green tea for weight loss

Besides a classical green tea, there are beverages that also activate metabolism. Green tea with ginger, lemon or mint is especially helpful for you. Brew in the kettle 2 grams of green tea per 100 ml of boiling water, decoct for 5-7 minutes, then add the infusion of ginger or mint and a slice of lemon. Remember that the result can be achieved only by reducing the amount of consumed food and the number of calories in the diet. Good luck!

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