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Will Exercising Help With Your PMS?

Will exercising help with your PMS. Running woman

Perhaps you already know that exercising is an important way to stay strong. Exercising also helps to reduce the chances of acquiring serious diseases, such as diabetes.

If you are experiencing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS, then you have to be physically active to address this condition. This is because it can badly affect your normal life.

Among the symptoms are emotional changes, troubled concentration, mood, and sleep. At some point, you can experience bloating, fatigue, and food cravings.

Exercising must be a regular part of your life to see if it can really help to alleviate your symptoms. Don’t just do the workouts in days that you have the worst symptoms of PMS.

What Is The Connection Between Exercise And PMS?

A study in 2013 involved 40 young women who were not regular exercisers. The study required some of them to hit the gym just a few times and proved that they can alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

Will exercising help with your PMS. women workout

Thus, they composed 2 groups in which  group completed 60 minutes of aerobic exercises for a number of weeks. Another group was kept to do their normal sedentary routines.

The results were amazing, as 30% of the newbie exercisers experienced the reduction of psychological and physical symptoms. Likewise, bloating and moodiness were significantly decreased at the end of 8 weeks.

Relief Of Menstrual Cramps

You may not be thinking about exercising if you are experiencing menstrual cramps. But this can actually alleviate menstrual cramps during your cycle.

  • Aerobic Exercises

When you engage in aerobic exercises, you can prompt your body to release endorphins. These are neuropeptides that allows the body to feel good or experience a natural high.

  • Cardiovascular Exercises

Just so you know, cardiovascular exercises can effectively relieve cramps, as it raises your heart rate to 65% of your maximum. This would include jogging and taking up power yoga classes.

wil exercising helpwith your PMS. girl is running

  • Medium To Intense Activities

According to a women’s health publication, you can spend a week to engage in medium to intense activities. This can effectively help in the prevention of future cramps, but you should do this just within your limits.

Yoga And PMS

If you are experiencing PMS at the moment, you can easily get relief in just 5 minutes from a number of simple yoga moves.

  • Forward Bend

    • Stand while having feet together with arms aside
    • Sink your feet into the floor, inhale, and reach your arms towards the ceiling
    • Exhale by bringing your arms out to the sides, as you hinge forward from your hips to touch the floor. You can bend your knees if you can’t reach the floor

wil exercising helpwith your PMS. Standing Forward Bend Pose

  • Supported Half-Moon

    • Stand while keeping your left side against the wall
    • Bend forward slowly by bringing your fingertips of the left hand towards the floor. Simultaneously lift your right leg behind you to hip level
    • Turn to the right so that you can extend the right fingertips towards the ceiling, while stacking the right hip on top of the left. Just place the left palm on the floor, but keep the right foot flexed as you breathe evenly.
    • Hold this for 30 seconds before switching sides.
  • Head-to-Knee Pose

    • Just sit with extended legs
    • Bend the right knee and keep your foot inside your upper left thigh
    • Inhale, then you need to lift your arms overhead
    • Exhale and lean forward on top of the left leg, then rest your forehead on your thigh or a pillow
    • Hold it for 30 seconds, before you inhale to sit up
    • Switch sides

will exercising help with your PMS. head to knee pose

  • Wide-Angle Forward Bend

    • Just sit tall on the floor as you extend your legs as wide as possible
    • Inhale as you do this and bring your arms out overhead and to the sides
    • Exhale and bend forward as you extend your arms out in front and place your hands on the floor
    • Keep your kneecaps pointing to the ceiling and not rolling in towards you
    • Bring your forehead towards the floor
    • Hold this for a minute
  • Reclined Bound Angle Pose

    • Sit on the floor and use a rolled up blanket on a lengthwise direction at the base of your back, having a pillow on top of it
    • Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together
    • Then, slowly lay your spine to the blanket, while your rest your head on the pillow
    • Breathe evenly and try to relax for a minute

Do these options as soon as pain strikes and you will be surprised as you get better fast.

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